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DORSET Police are warning Android users to be on the lookout for scam text messages claiming to be from a parcel delivery service.

A particular malware dubbed “FluBot” is spreading via SMS, with criminals sending text messages that claim the recipient has missed a parcel delivery.

The texts contain a link to a website which is designed to look like a reputable courier service. Once on this page, you are prompted to download an app which will allow you to track your parcel. This app is actually malware. Once on your device, FluBot will seek out login credentials, and other sensitive information like your bank details.

It also looks for your contacts list, using these details to send further malicious text messages to your friends and family, increasing the malwares potential reach.

A spokesman for Dorset Police said: “Remember, as a rule of thumb, a missed delivery will usually result in a slip being posted through your door to notify you, rather than a text message. These slips will usually give you instructions for how to go about rearranging delivery, or tracking your package.”

If you receive a message along these lines, police are advising you:

1) Do not click the link in the message, and do not install any apps if prompted.

2) Forward the message to 7726, a free spam-reporting service provided by phone operators.

3) Delete the message.

For further advice, please see the National Cyber Security Centres guidance here –

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