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Are you a Fortnite player?

Hundreds of millions of people are, but in case you’re not one of them, Fortnite is a computer game from Epic Games, in which players co-operate in gangs to save the world following a zombie-style apocalypse that has already snuffed out 98% of the population.

There’s plenty of parachuting, shooting, grenade launching, things exploding, creatures dying and all the usual stuff that makes games exciting for adults and children alike.

(Amusingly, or perhaps ironically, the number of players in real life is fairly close to the number of non-zombie humans that would be left alive if the game were true.)

Sadly for Fortnite fans around the world, the one popular platform that doesn’t support it is Android – you can get it for Windows, macOS, various gaming consoles and even for iOS, but not yet for Android.

A release of Fortnite for Android is both imminent – some time in “summer 2018”, apparently – and eagerly awaited, with some media outlets talking buoyantly about it as though it’s already there.

Today’s Daily Express in the UK, for example, published a story headlined Fortnite Android release news as stunning new Epic Games Mobile update is revealed, which doesn’t actually say that the game has been released, but certainly makes it sound as though it were available right now.