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 Is what Microsoft doing, attempting to control which apps we use on the platform – legal?  

I am not a fan of Microsoft and I use as few of their products as possible.  I do not trust that Microsoft is serving my best interests behind the scenes with all the data they suck out of my computer.  The only reason I run Windows is because of very specialized third party software.  I just reinstalled Windows and now have to supply name, an email account, my phone number and I suppose the next step will be my social security number and a I must submit a sample of my DNA within 30 days or Windows will crash.  It’s been a slow process of taking things away from us.  I have been using Windows since 3.1.  

My point is this – does Microsoft have an obligation to third party software providers to maintain a system that is safe and easy to use on Windows?  No doubt buried in that fine print with whatever agreements third party developers make with Microsoft, that there is some very fine print that states Microsoft reserves the right to change the terms of their agreement…anytime.

It is one thing for Microsoft to offer their products fairly and I have no problem with that.  It isn’t really that I have a choice in this matter.

I just attempted to change my default programs and low and behold – I had to first find a developer’s setting that allows me to install third party apps.  By default – I am stuck with Edge.

Go to Linux – Stop Whining – I mean get the app Wine.  I will have to do some reseach and make sure my critical programs will work with Wine.  But – a while ago I read that Microsoft is slowly infiltrating Linux, making donations and being featured at Linux functions.  Is it just a matter of time before Microsoft owns the world?

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