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Internxt is a fairly new open-source encrypted cloud service that aims to replace the offerings by the big tech. For instance, you can use it as an alternative to Google Photos, and Drive.

You get 10 GB for free. So, you can sign up for it to test it out.

Recently, they have also added another product “Internxt Send”, as a replacement to fill the void for Firefox Send.

Unfortunately, Firefox Send was discontinued, but it was a good tool!

Internxt Send lets you send/share images, videos, documents, and other files securely, just like Firefox Send.

Internxt Send: A Secure File Sharing Service

While I couldn’t find the repository on GitHub for Internxt Send, I’ve asked them for clarification.

As one would expect, you can upload your files to Internxt Send without needing to create an account.

The file upload limit is 5 GB. And, you cannot increase the limit in any way.

You can choose to upload the files required and generate a link to share. Or, you can directly send an email to the recipient, where you would also need to share your email address.

Interestingly, it also lets you add custom text to the email you send with the file uploaded.

Unlike Firefox Send, you cannot tweak the expiry for the link generated to share the file or set it to stop working after a number of downloads. The link expires in 15 days by default, and you cannot change that. So, that is a bummer.

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