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Do you have a security soft on your mac?
If so, which brand/model do you like/recommend?

Hi, I’m an eternal beginner and new to here.
Registered here to learn and acquire necessary knowledge to live safe with my laptop.

My first mac was a MBP Mid2009 model, bought in the very released year and had used it exclusively until last week. Which mean that I had lived with an unsupported OS (OS X 10.11.6 El Capitan) for years not knowing how reckless until told so. I just didn’t feel need anything newer, it still looks like new, moves very fast with an updated 500GB SATA SSD, and this Opera browser seems still supported and works greatly on Netflix. To add I like the feel of the old model with the deep non-butterfly keyboard and the small seesaw style trackpad.

AFAIC it was ridiculous to stop using this good one, so I’m gonna try the Catalina patcher later. But still needed another since I don’t know if it goes well and next monthly payment due date was approaching.

So I just got my second MBP, a refurbished A1398 (Mid 2014) with the deep keyboard and the small trackpad:

– Retina Mid2014
– 15″ Retina Mid2014
– 2.8GHz I7 Inter Quad Core
– 16GB RAM
– 512GB SSD
– NVIDIA GeForce GT 750M GPU
– OS11.4 Big Sur

The refurbished MBP originally came with Mojave, but couldn’t stand the top right popup message to update to Big Sur (remember, I’m eternal beginner…). Clean installed it, and I haven’t seen any issue with this notorious OS11…

Do you think I have to get a security soft on my mac?
If so, which brand/model do you like and would you recommend?
And should I go back to Catalina, Mojave, etc?

Thank you for reading.

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