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Chrome and Microsoft Edge users should avoid downloading updates from malicious websites, since a Magniber ransomware is widely spreading.

Do you see a update notification on your Google Chrome browser asking to download an update? If yes, close the page immediately and do not hit the download key. A new ransomware is widely spreading via malicious websites and it could make all data on your computer useless, unless you pay a ransom. The issue is also present on Microsoft Edge browser, given that it uses the same Chromium codes.

In a report from, it is said that infamous Magniber ransomware is back. This one had a reputation for using the old Internet Explorer browser as its media to target innocent people. Now, the attackers are using Microsoft Edge and Google Chrome to do the same.

Magniber ransomware is back

The ransomware works the same way as it used to previously, except for the fact that it now works on Chrome and Edge browsers. The malware is often distributed through fake webpages pretending to offer a new update for your Chrome or Edge browser. Once the user click on “Update Chrome” or “Update Edge” buttons, the page downloads a browser extension of the .appx type.

Once the extension is installed, the program is executed in the background and the inevitable happens. The malicious files start encrypting the files on your Windows system in the background, without letting you have any idea about it.

Once the malicious encryption is finished, the program will throw up a Notepad document that contains the ransom note. You won’t eb able to access the files on your computer after this and the only way to get it back is by paying the ransom. The ransomware also makes victims download the Tor browser for the process.

How to avoid this ransomware

There are some common things to note in order to stay safe from such ransomware in the future.

– Never download any “update packages” for your Chrome or Edge browser from other websites. Chrome and Edge can download their updated from the servers automatically, hence, there’s no need for manual updating. Hackers often lure you into downloading an update with fake pages.

– Always keep a backup of your data on a cloud storage, or a physical external storage. If your PC is infected, you can always reset it and get back your data from the backup.

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