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Diplomacy continues over Ukraine. (The CyberWire) Diplomacy continues over Ukraine. Renewed warnings of Russian cyberattack. Cyber operations as combat support. And, when it comes to opsec, you can camouflage all you want, but someone will probably TikTok you anyway.

Russia says it won’t start a war as Ukraine tensions mount (Military Times) Russians say they don’t want war. But their military buildup continues apace.

‘We don’t want wars’: Russia softens tone on Ukraine, weighs US answers (Reuters) Russia on Friday sent its strongest signal so far that it is willing to engage with U.S. security proposals and reiterated that it does not want war over Ukraine.

Russia not yet ready for full-scale attack says Ukraine (Military Times) There are now more than 109,000 Russian troops near Ukraine’s border, according to an assessment shared by Ukraine.

Ukraine crisis: Nord Stream 2 pipeline could be axed, US warns (BBC News) Washington threatens to halt a lucrative gas pipeline between Russia and Western Europe.

US and Germany step up pipeline warnings to Russia as UN meeting called (the Guardian) Hopes continue for diplomatic solution to Ukraine standoff but Berlin swings behind Washington’s threat on Nord Stream 2

US tries to name and shame Russian disinformation on Ukraine (AP NEWS) In a break from the past, the U.S. and its allies are increasingly revealing their intelligence findings as they confront Russian preparations for invading Ukraine, looking to undercut Russian President Vladimir Putin’s plans by exposing them and deflecting his efforts to shape world opinion.

UK organisations encouraged to take action in response to current situation in and around Ukraine (NCSC) NCSC urge UK organisations to bolster their cyber security resilience in response to the malicious cyber incidents in and around Ukraine.  

UK warned to bolster defences against cyber attacks as Russia threatens Ukraine (BBC News) The National Cyber Security Centre fears threats linked to the potential conflict in Ukraine could move beyond its borders.

Brace for Russian cyber attacks as Ukraine crisis deepens, Britain says (Reuters) Britain warned big business on Friday to bolster defences against possible Russian cyber attacks as Western fears deepened that President Vladimir Putin would order his troops to annex another part of Ukraine.

Intelligence service warns shipping against cyber attacks due to the Ukraine crisis (Shipping Watch) Tensions in Ukraine between Russia and the West prompts the Danish Defence Intelligence Service to warn against potential cyber attacks, referring to the NotPetya attack on Maersk in 2017.

How Russia Has Turned Ukraine Into a Cyber-Battlefield (Foreign Affairs) The Kremlin’s hackers are already targeting Kyiv.

U.S. Seeks to Confront Russia at U.N. Security Council Over Ukraine (Wall Street Journal) The Monday meeting would occur just one day before Moscow takes over the rotating presidency of the council.

No understanding on new Russia-US strategic dialogue meetings so far — diplomat (TASS) Further strategic dialogue with the United States depends to a significant extent on Washington’s readiness to give a rational and realistic response to Russia’s core security concerns, Director of the Russian Foreign Ministry’s Department for Nonproliferation and Arms Control Vladimir Yermakov said

U.S., China confer on Ukraine, urge de-escalation and calm (Reuters) China has told the United States it wants to see all sides involved in Ukraine remain calm and avoid increasing tension while the United States stressed de-escalation and warned of the security and economic risks from Russian aggression.

‘Abandon Cold War Mentality’: China Urges Calm On Ukraine-Russia Tensions, Asks U.S. To ‘Stop Interfering’ In Beijing Olympics (Forbes) China echoed concerns raised by the Kremlin about growing NATO presence in eastern Europe.

US warns China of ‘global security’ risks due to Russian threat in Ukraine (France 24) China has told the United States it wants to see all sides involved in Ukraine remain calm and avoid increasing tension while the United States stressed de-escalation and warned of the security and e…

As tensions rise between the US and NATO and Russia over Ukraine, diplomacy is key alongside deterrence. (London School of Economics) With over 100,000 Russian troops amassed on the Ukrainian border, tensions between Russia, the US, and NATO are at their highest point in decades. In this explainer, Julie Norman discusses the current dynamics of the conflict, and outlines the diplomatic and deterrence strategies that the US and NATO allies are employing to avert an invasion.

The case of Ukraine, looking back and looking forward (Breaking Defense) “The Russian threat to Ukrainian sovereignty is simply not about Ukraine,” writes author Robbin Laird. “It is about the stability of the current European order.”

Biden says Russian invasion in Feb. ‘distinct possibility’ (AP NEWS) The White House says President Joe Biden warned Ukraine’s president Thursday that there is a “distinct possibility” Russia could take military action against Ukraine in February. The Kremlin likewise sounded a grim note, saying it saw “little ground for optimism” in resolving the crisis after the U.S.

Russian equipment flows into Belarus (Medium) Russia continues to move tanks and other materiel into Belarus along Ukraine’s northern border, as far west as Brest

Opinion | Biden Puts More Military Muscle Into NATO’s Russia Response (Wall Street Journal) Washington is right to consider activating an emergency force allies have been reluctant to use.

Pentagon defends its preparation for Ukraine crisis, details military forces that could deploy (Washington Post) The Pentagon is defending its preparations in response to the threat of a Russian invasion of Ukraine, with a top spokesman on Thursday highlighting that the United States has provided millions of dollars in weapons to Kyiv and providing new details about U.S. military forces that could deploy to Eastern Europe to bolster security there.

These units from across the Army and Air Force are on alert for Ukraine deployment (Military Times) Units from around the Army and Air Force are on heightened alert.

Threat Advisory: STRT-TA02 – Destructive Software (MarketScreener) The Splunk Threat Research Team is monitoring open channel intelligence and government alerts indicating the possibility of malicious campaigns using destructive software in relation to ongoing geopolitical events.

The US must show leadership in countering Putin’s imperial ambitions (Atlantic Council) The United States needs to assume a strong leadership position in international efforts to counter Putin’s imperial ambitions. Putin has made clear what he wants. It is time for America to deliver an equally emphatic response.

Inside Putin’s Ukraine obsession (Atlantic Council) When Russian President Vladimir Putin laments the fall of the USSR and speaks about the injustice of the post-Soviet settlement, he is really thinking of Russian imperialism and has Ukraine primarily in mind.

The Putin Doctrine (Foreign Affairs) A move on Ukraine has always been part of the plan.

Three Things the World Should Know About Putin (Foreign Policy) The nature of Putin’s Russia has changed drastically in the last few years.

Russia and China’s private internets are the ideal forts for cyberattacks (TheHill) Both governments could simply disconnect their internet and attack our nuclear power plants, our financial networks, our electrical grid, largely with impunity making it nearly impossible to attack theirs in response.

House Republicans demand release of Biden-Zelensky transcript (Newsweek) The White House disputed a CNN report that said Biden’s call with Ukraine’s president had not gone well.

Attacks, Threats, and Vulnerabilities

Russian APT29 hackers’ stealthy malware undetected for years (BleepingComputer) Hackers associated with the Russian Federation Foreign Intelligence Service (SVR) continued their incursions on networks of multiple organizations after the SolarWinds supply-chain compromise using two recently discovered sophisticated threats.

SolarWinds hackers still active, using new techniques (SearchSecurity) A new CrowdStrike report shed light on StellarParticle, the threat campaign perpetrated by the SolarWinds hackers.

StellarParticle Campaign: Novel Tactics and Techniques (CrowdStrike) This blog discusses the StellarParticle campaign and the novel tactics and techniques used in supply chain attacks observed by CrowdStrike incident responders.

Iran State TV Says Exiled Dissidents Hacked Live Broadcasts (Bloomberg) Hackers showed images of leaders of exiled opposition group. Investigation underway to find cause of ‘elaborate’ attack.

FBI warns over Iranian cyber group, tells organizations to up their defenses (ZDNet) FBI says the group poses a broader cybersecurity threat outside of information operations

Iranians Behind Proud Boys Ruse Pose Wider Threat, FBI Says (Bloomberg Law) Iranian hackers who masqueraded as members of the right-wing group Proud Boys during the 2020 U.S. presidential election have expanded their efforts, broadening their cyberattacks against a wide swatch of business sectors and spreading propaganda critical of Saudi Arabia, the FBI said Wednesday.

Context and Recommendations to Protect Against Malicious Activity by Iranian Cyber Group Emennet Pasargad (Federal Bureau of Investigation) This Private Industry Notice provides a historical overview of Iran-based cyber company Emennet Pasargad’s tactics, techniques, and procedures (TTPs) to enable recipients to identify and defend against the group’s malicious cyber activities.

Lazarus hackers use Windows Update to deploy malware (BleepingComputer) North Korean-backed hacking group Lazarus has added the Windows Update client to its list of living-off-the-land binaries (LoLBins) and is now actively using it to execute malicious code on Windows systems.

North Korea Loses Internet in Suspected Cyber-Attack (Infosecurity Magazine) Cybersecurity researcher says outage may have been caused by DDoS attack

Deadbolt ransomware hits more than 3,600 QNAP NAS devices (The Record by Recorded Future) More than 3,600 network-attached storage (NAS) devices from Taiwanese company QNAP have been infected and had their data encrypted by a new strain of ransomware named Deadbolt.

State Dept says worldwide email outage not tied to ‘malicious activity’ (Federal News Network) The State Department dealt with a major email outage Thursday morning, but is gradually bringing capabilities back online.

French Ministry of Justice Targeted in Ransomware Attack (SecurityWeek) LockBit 2.0 ransomware operators claim to have hit France’s Ministry of Justice and they are threatening to leak stolen information.

Threat Assessment: BlackCat Ransomware (Unit42) BlackCat ransomware (aka ALPHV) is notable for its use of the Rust programming language and an aggressive approach to naming and shaming victims.

After Russian Arrests, REvil Activity Persists (ReversingLabs) Almost two weeks after Russian authorities claimed to have dismantled the REvil ransomware group, there is little evidence of a decline in REvil’s activity

REvil Ransomware Operations Apparently Unaffected by Recent Arrests (SecurityWeek) The REvil (Sodinokibi) ransomware cooperative’s activity did not even slow down following Russia’s recent move to arrest several alleged members of the group

Life In Prison: The Cybercriminal Perspective (Digital Shadows) While some of us might be taking it easy after the excesses of the Christmas period, January certainly hasn’t been a slow news month in the world of cybercrime.

A History of REvil (Analyst 1) In our previous research we investigated a ransom cartel, and then we conducted a study on ransomware gangs and their links to Russian intelligence organizations. Now, we are conducting a use case into one of the world’s most notorious ransomware gangs, REvil.

BotenaGo Malware Source Code Uploaded to GitHub (Decipher) The source code’s release on GitHub can potentially mean future attacks on IoT devices and routers, warn researchers.

Perception Point Discovers a MacOS Zero-day Allowing Attackers to Bypass Apple’s System Integrity Protection (PR Newswire) Perception Point, a leading email and cloud collaboration channel security company offering fast interception of content-borne attacks as a…

Konni remote access Trojan receives ‘significant’ upgrades (ZDNet) Researchers say the security community should keep a close eye on this malware strain.

FluBot: SMS-Angriffe auf Smartphones in Deutschland
(Computerbild) FluBot ist ein gefährlicher Banking-Trojaner. Mit irreführenden SMS wollen Kriminelle unter anderem hierzulande Menschen in die Falle locken.

Microsoft Saw Record-Breaking DDoS Attacks Exceeding 3 Tbps (SecurityWeek) In November and December 2021, Microsoft mitigated record-breaking DDoS attacks that exceeded 3 Tbps, the largest at 3.47 Tbps and 340 Mpps.

DHL Notice Delivers Malware (Avanan) DHL is the most spoofed brand for phishing and now it’s being used to send malware.

Conti ransomware hits Apple, Tesla supplier (The Record by Recorded Future) The Conti ransomware gang has been linked to an attack on Delta Electronics, a Taiwanese electronics manufacturing company and a major supplier of power components to companies like Apple and Tesla.

Report: US Supply-Chain Platform Exposes Sensitive Data of Businesses (Website Planet)

Company name and location:
ePallet Inc., located in CA, USA

Size (in GB and amount of files):
Over 2.5 million files, totalling 600+ GB o

How Hackers Compromise the Software Supply Chain (eSecurityPlanet) Here are the techniques hackers use to attack the software supply chain – and how to use that knowledge to protect your organization.

Zerodium looks to buy zero-days in Outlook and Thunderbird email clients (The Record by Recorded Future) US-based exploit broker Zerodium announced plans today to pay $200,000 and $400,000 for zero-day exploits in Mozilla Thunderbird and Microsoft Outlook, respectively, two of today’s most popular and widely used desktop email clients.

Gay/Bi Dating App, Muslim Prayer Apps Sold Data on People’s Location to a Controversial Data Broker (The Markup) The Markup identified 107 apps that sold data to X‑Mode in 2018 and 2019

Security Patches, Mitigations, and Software Updates

Apple patches Safari data leak (oh, and a zero-day) – patch now! (Naked Security) That infamous “supercookie” bug in Safari has now been fixed. Oh, and there was a zero-day kernel hole as well.

Patch now: A newly discovered critical Linux vulnerability probably affects your systems (TechRepublic) Dubbed PwnKit, it’s been sitting in a user policy module used in Linux distros for over a decade and can be used by anyone to gain root privileges. Here’s what you can do to protect your systems.

Apple security update fixes zero-day vulnerability (SearchSecurity) A new Apple zero-day vulnerability, currently being exploited in the wild, was fixed as part of sweeping round of security updates from the tech giant.

Apple rolls out fix for a bug that could break iCloud syncing (The Verge) The issue has been affecting apps since November.

Mitsubishi Electric MELSEC and MELIPC Series (Update A) (CISA) 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY CVSS v3 7.5 ATTENTION: Exploitable remotely/low attack complexity Vendor: Mitsubishi Electric Equipment: MELSEC and MELIPC Series Vulnerabilities: Uncontrolled Resource Consumption, Improper Handling of Length Parameter Inconsistency, Improper Input Validation 2.

Fresenius Kabi Agilia Connect Infusion System (CISA) 1. EXECUTIVE SUMMARY
CVSS v3 7.5
ATTENTION: Exploitable remotely/low attack complexity
Vendor: Fresenius Kabi
Equipment: Agilia Connect Infusion System
Vulnerabilities: Uncontrolled Resource Consumption, Use of a Broken or Risky Cryptographic Algorithm, Insufficiently Protected Credentials, Improper Access Control, Plaintext Storage of a Password, Files or Directories Accessible to External Parties, Exposure of Information Through Directory Listing, Cross-site Scripting, Injection, Use of Hard-coded Credentials, Use of Client-side Authentication, Use of Unmaintained Third-party Components

The evolving threat of ransomware and the emerging US response (The CyberWire) Are ransomware gangs passing their prime, or will they continue to mutate in response to diplomatic and defensive pressures? What role is CyberCom playing in the fight, and what concrete steps should organizations take today? The CyberWire had the opportunity to explore these topics and more with Egress Vice President of Threat Intelligence Jack Chapman.

Data Privacy Day: They really are after your personal data. (The CyberWire) Even the paranoid have enemies, and in this case you don’t have to be paranoid to think the hoods are after your data. Rest assured, they are.

Data Privacy Day: Privacy as a business imperative. (The CyberWire) Privacy is a business imperative, and that represents opportunity as well as challenge.

Data Privacy Day: Changing workplaces and changing technologies. (The CyberWire) Workplaces have changed in response to the pandemic, and new technologies have arrived even as organizations cope with a global health crisis. The changes this has made to data privacy aren’t temporary.

Data Privacy Day: Regulation and compliance. (The CyberWire) The public sector may not always make things easy, but privacy protection is a public good. Complicated laws and regulations governing privacy in various sectors and jurisdictions are now simply a business reality to be dealt with.

Data Privacy Day: Privacy is also an individual responsibility. (The CyberWire) Hey…who’s data are they, anyway? With personal data comes personal responsibility.

Data Privacy Day: Where’s privacy protection heading? (The CyberWire) Expect more requirements for informed consent.

Insights from a Global Survey of Security Professionals (Reblaze Blog) Announcing the results of a survey of 300 security professionals around the world, who answered questions about the greatest threats their organizations faced, and their plans and security strategies for 2022.

HP Wolf Security Threat Insights Report Q4 2021 (HP Wolf Security) Don’t let cyber threats get the best of you. Read our post, HP Wolf Security Threat Insights Report Q4 2021, to learn more about cyber threats and cyber security.

The Most Surveilled Cities in the World | Veriff (Veriff) Read this article by Veriff to learn about the growth of surveillance software in US major cities, and the benefits that this poses for civilian safety.


Software Supply Chain Protection Startup Scribe Security Raises $7 Million (SecurityWeek) Scribe Security, an Israeli startup seeking to protect the software supply chain, has raised $7 million in seed funding.

Attack Surface Management Play Censys Scores $35M Investment (SecurityWeek) Michigan startup Censys banks a new $35 million funding round to fuel growth and expansion.

HackerOne Caps Growth Year With $49 Million Investment (HackerOne) Success in Securing Enterprise Organizations Against Cyberattacks Attracts Series E Funding and Cements HackerOne As Category Leader

CACI Buys ID Technologies for $225M; John Mengucci Quoted (GovCon Wire) Looking for the latest GovCon News? Check out our story: CACI Buys ID Technologies for $225M. Click to read more!

Atlassian acquires US-based AI chatbot vendor Percept.AI (CRN Australia) Also reports US$1.3b half-year revenue.

Report: Mountain View-based Egnyte may go public later this year (San Jose Business Journal) Egnyte Inc. reportedly is getting ready to go public as early as this year.

IBM Joins CISA’s Joint Cyber Defense Collaborative to Enhance the United States’ Cyber Resilience (IBM Newsroom) IBM is pleased to continue its ongoing information sharing partnership with the CISA through participation as an Alliance partner in the JCDC and its critical mission to establish a collective and coordinated defense against cybercrime.

Life360 Says It Will Stop Selling Precise Location Data (The Markup) The announcement comes after The Markup identified the family tracking app as one of the largest sources of raw data for the location data industry

Minister visits Cheltenham to see firsthand the ambitions for UK cyber sector (The Golden Valley Development) Julia Lopez, Minister for Media, Data and Digital Infrastructure, visited Cheltenham on Tuesday 25th January. The visit was hosted by the Golden Valley Development with a tour of Hub8 and Gloucestershire College’s ADA Suite.

UKRAINE : US cyber firm Qintel launches Ukrainian marketplace offensive (Intelligence Online) The US cybersecurity firm Qintel, a supplier to the Internal Revenue Service (IRS), is sponsoring Ukraine’s Cyberspace Strategies In Action conference. The company already has a presence in Ukraine

Ukraine is keeping this Somerville cyber firm busy (Boston Globe) Recorded Future has 25 to 30 analysts dedicated to unpacking the crisis in Ukraine and providing intelligence for daily briefings.

ESET named strategic leader in endpoint prevention and response (Security Brief) ESET achieved high scores in the categories of active prevention, passive response, and combined prevention/response capabilities, scoring 96%, 100%, and 98%.

Mimecast Leaders Eligible For $456.9M In Payouts In Permira Deal (CRN) Mimecast’s top executives and directors could earn as much as a combined $456.9 million in stock, options, and severance payments in the proposed acquisition by Permira goes through.

Virtru Names Matt Howard as Chief Marketing Officer (GlobeNewswire News Room) Award-winning marketing leader joins Virtru at a time of rapid growth and increased market demand for Zero Trust Data Access (ZTDA) solutions…

Proximas Group Announces the Hiring of Tina Kuhn as President (PR Newswire) Proximas Group, the Maryland-based provider of engineering, cybersecurity, user experience, communications, mobile, and linguistic solutions to…

McAfee Enterprise Snags Cisco’s Gee Rittenhouse To Run SSE Unit (CRN) McAfee Enterprise has tapped longtime Cisco Security executive Gee Rittenhouse to oversee its 700 employee, 3,000 customer Security Service Edge (SSE) business.

Egnyte Announces Record-Breaking Year of Growth, Appoints Former FireE (PRWeb) Egnyte, a leader in cloud content security and governance, today announced a record-breaking year of growth in 2021. The company also announced the

Products, Services, and Solutions

Darktrace Extends Autonomous Response to Enforce Normal Behavior on Endpoints (PR Newswire) Darktrace, a global leader in cyber security AI, today announced that its Autonomous Response technology now takes action on the endpoint –…

Safe security and Infosys announce strategic collaboration (Zawya) To bring cutting edge risk quantification solutions to the market

Detectify sees significant increase in detected vulnerabilities powered by its Crowdsource community (Detectify Blog) Detectify witnessed a significant increase in unique medium and high severity vulnerabilities in its customers’ systems propelled by its ethical hacker community.

Barracuda Selects SentinelOne To Strengthen AI-Powered XDR Across MSP Security Solutions (Business Wire) SentinelOne (NYSE: S), an autonomous cybersecurity platform company, today announced that Barracuda Networks, Inc., a trusted partner and leading prov

SPHEREboard 6.0 Release to Solve Privileged Access Challenges (PR Newswire) SPHERE, a woman-owned cybersecurity business focused on providing best-of-breed software and services for access governance across data,…

PerimeterX Winter Release Prioritizes Human Interaction on Websites and Web Apps, Making Life Harder for Hackers but Easier and Better for Consumers (PerimeterX) New Capabilities Make Automated Attacks Increasingly Difficult and Expensive, Further Disrupting the Web Attack Lifecycle

Major Texas-based Bank Bolsters Cybersecurity Posture with Addition of IronNet Collective Defense Platform (Business Wire) IronNet today announced that a Texas-based bank has chosen IronNet’s Collective Defense platform to help it defend against increased cyber threats.

Samsung’s new smart AIO fingerprint security for credit cards | Poc Network // Tech (Poc Network // Tech) Biometrics continues to rise in popularity when it comes to security across the board. From using your fingers to log into your favorite websites via a password manager like Dashlane to unlocking your favorite mobile devices or fancy USB security keys that can be used as strong 2FA (two-factor authentication) solutions.

Technologies, Techniques, and Standards

A new tech standard aims to combat deepfakes (The Record by Recorded Future) The Coalition for Content Provenance and Authenticity (C2PA) announced on Wednesday that it had partnered with tech giants including Microsoft, Intel, and Adobe to launch a new standard aimed at impeding the rapid spread of deepfakes.

Who is virtually looking over your shoulder? Data Privacy Day is coming (Digital Journal) The corporate world is not taking cybersecurity, data breeches, and data privacy as importantly as it should.

The inconvenient truth of data privacy day (Tech HQ) Data Privacy Day is celebrated on January 28 across the world with the objective of reminding users and businesses on privacy practices and principles.

‘Every Intrusion Attempt Has a Story to Tell’ (Decipher) Developing good communication and storytelling skills can be a vital career step for cyber threat intelligence professionals.

Cyren : The Cost of NOT Getting Phished (MarketScreener) Phishing campaigns continue to become more targeted and sophisticated, evading email gateways and Microsoft 365 Defender, and forcing businesses to…

Design and Innovation

IBM just released the results of its ad targeting bias audit (Morning Brew) After analyzing the Ad Council’s massive Covid vaccination campaign, it found that ads showed a preference for certain age groups, education levels, and more.


MIT Cuts Ties With a Chinese AI Firm Amid Human Rights Concerns (Wired) Reports accuse iFlytek of selling technology to the government that’s used to oppress ethnic Uighurs in China’s northwest.

Tips and resources for Penn Staters to protect their privacy (Penn State) University Privacy Office recognizes Data Privacy Day by encouraging best practices

Legislation, Policy, and Regulation

Putin Backs Crypto Mining Despite Bank of Russia’s Hard Line (Bloomberg) Bank of Russia proposed total ban on crypto mining and trading. Russia is the third-biggest miner, after U.S. and Kazakhstan.

Pakistan’s National Security Policy: Why this will be just another eyewash and not make any reversal of policy direction (Firstpost) Though the National Security Policy claims to have consulted more than ‘120 experts’ and ‘500 specialists’, the National Assembly and Senate were bypassed

US cyber teams work with Israel on cloud defense (C4ISRNet) Air Force cyber teams exercised alongside Israeli cyber forces in the sixth iteration of Cyber Dome.

U.S. unveils plan to improve cyber defenses for water utilities (Reuters) The White House on Thursday unveiled a plan to beef up cybersecurity in the nation’s water sector, an extension of its efforts to thwart attacks against critical infrastructure including electricity and natural gas pipeline operators.

Biden Administration Aims to Boost Cyber Defenses in Water Sector (Bloomberg) Water facility operators will participate on a voluntary basis. Phishing, ransomware were subject of recent security warning.

Water sector added to Biden administration’s initiative on ICS security (CyberScoop) The Biden administration announced Thursday it is extending a voluntary cybersecurity initiative for essential control systems in the electricity sector and pipelines to facilities that supply water across the U.S. Under the initiative, the administration is pushing participating water sector facilities to adopt detection technologies that would monitor cyber threats to industrial control systems (ICS), which automate processes such as the treatment, storage and distribution of water.

US Says National Water Supply ‘Absolutely’ Vulnerable to Hackers (SecurityWeek) The sheer number of different water providers — about 150,000 systems serving 300 million Americans, make protecting them from cyberattacks a challenge

FCC unanimously approves ‘nutrition labels’ for broadband services (The Verge) A Biden order requires final approval by November.

FCC revokes China Unicom’s authorization to operate in U.S. (Reuters) The U.S. Federal Communications Commission (FCC) on Thursday voted to revoke the authorization for China Unicom’s U.S. unit to operate in the United States, citing national security concerns.

WSJ News Exclusive | Vast Troves of Classified Info Undermine National Security, Spy Chief Says (Wall Street Journal) Avril Haines, the director of national intelligence, says the current classification system strains intelligence agencies and erodes public trust.

Local governments worry about getting ‘left out’ of new cyber grant program – StateScoop (StateScoop) State and local IT officials are equally eager for details on the new federal cybersecurity grant program as they plan for the year ahead.

Viral letter begging the military to ‘fix our computers’ reaches Pentagon leaders (Task & Purpose) Chief Master Sergeant of the Air Force JoAnne Bass and Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said there’s “no excuse.”

Litigation, Investigation, and Law Enforcement

Pegasus: Rights Group Says Lebanese Staffer Targeted With NSO Spyware (NDTV Gadgets 360) NSO Group has been mired in controversy following revelations its spyware was used in several countries against journalists, activists, and diplomats.

Dreck Royal (Die Zeit) Eine berühmte libanesische Moderatorin wurde wegen ihrer Kritik am saudischen Regime zum Opfer eines Cyberangriffs. Aber sie wehrt sich.

Hungary: Rights group to launch legal blitz challenging government’s use of Pegasus spyware (Washington Post) Rights activists and journalists targeted by Pegasus spyware in Hungary are mounting a legal campaign to challenge the government’s alleged use of the Israeli-made technology.

Uzbek Blogger, Government Critic Gets Lengthy Prison Term Over Facebook Post (RadioFreeEurope/RadioLiberty) Uzbek Muslim blogger Fozilxoja Orifxojaev, known for his articles criticizing the Central Asian state’s government for its restrictive religious policies, has been sentenced to 7 1/2 years in prison over a post on Facebook.

FTC says Americans are losing more money to social media fraud than ever before (CyberScoop) Losses from fraud originating on social media skyrocketed in 2021, according to data the Federal Trade Commission released Thursday. More than 95,000 individuals reported losses totaling $770 million as a result of fraud initiated on social media.

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