Did Imran Khan try to oust Pakistan Army Chief at the last minute? | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

The downfall of Imran Khan, a cricketer turned politician was inevitable. There are so many reasons, including his closeness with China, contradictions with the USA, the undemocratic ways of working, and the overdependence on rhetoric rather than on performance. But all these would have been manageable.

Challenging the ‘Supreme Authority’ of the Army isn’t acceptable in Pakistan. Imran Khan not only did this blasphemous act, but also tried to surpass the red lines drawn long before he was made Prime Minister by the same men in uniform. If a report in BBC is to be believed, Imran Khan also tried to oust General Qamar Bajwa before being voted out. Though the establishment in Pakistan tried to rubbish these reports as a pack of lies and “The typical propaganda story that lacks any credible, authentic and relevant source.”

“Two unsolicited guests” reached the Prime Minister’s House by helicopter on Saturday night and met Khan in private for about 45 minutes”, said the BBC Urdu report while adding that an hour before this meeting, Khan had ordered the removal of a senior official who was present at this meeting.

“However, the defence ministry didn’t issue an official notification for dismissing the official and appointing his successor. Thus the revolutionary attempt by the outgoing Prime Minister failed”, the report further reads.

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