Di Lady of Heaven film: Morocco ban ‘blasphemous’ British film | #socialmedia

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Morocco cinema authorities don ban di controversial British film Lady of Heaven, afta di kontri religious council condemn am.

Di film claim to tell di story of Lady Fatima, di daughter of Prophet Muhammad.

Di Supreme Ulema Council say di movie na “flagrant falsification of di established facts” of Islam.

Pipo bin protests against di film for UK.

Egypt, Pakistan, Iran and Iraq also condemn am.

Di council accuse di film of “loathsome or hateful partiality” and accuse di filmmakers say dem wan blow through “fame and sensationalism” and “hurting di feelings of Muslims and causing religious sensitivities”, according to Morocco state media.

BBC Religion Editor, Aleem Maqbool, say di criticism dey based on di way di Shia Muslim film-maker and cleric, Yasser Al-Habib, take present prominent respected figures for early Sunni Islam, suggesting say e get comparisons between dia actions and dat of di Islamic State group for Iraq.

Di film producer Malik Shlibak don lambast pipo wey want make dem ban di film for im social media.

E describe am as bigotry and tell dem say if dem no like di film, make dem no watch am instead of to censor am.

Im bin tok before say no be all Muslims want make dem ban di film.

Afta protests wey happun outside some UK cinemas di British cinema chain Cineworld cancel all screenings of Di Lady of Heaven to “ensure di safety” of dia staff and customers.

Di U-turn make pipo angry including some Muslims wey wan see di film, BBC Religion Editor Aleem Maqbool tok, becos very small number of pipo don manage to force dia desire in a way wey be like normalise censorship on di grounds of blasphemy.

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