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Due to the United States’ actions in support of Ukraine in the Russia-Ukraine conflict, many cybersecurity experts have predicted retaliatory actions in the form of cyberattacks. 

Information Technology Services has eight tips for you to spring clean-up your WVU digital space and to secure your personal information.

1. Unsubscribe from emails. This is especially important now that companies collect your email address in various ways. Here is information on how to unsubscribe from promotions based on the email service you use.

2. Update passwords. Data breaches can go undetected for months and sometimes years. Don’t reuse your WVU Password for personal accounts. All accounts—but especially those that store sensitive information like credit card or social security numbers—should be protected with strong, unique passwords. 

3. Enable two-factor authentication. After you’ve updated your important passwords, set up two-factor authentication. 2FA adds an extra layer of security by verifying your identity using two of three possible identifiers: something you know such as your password, something you are via facial recognition or your fingerprints, or something you have such as a cell phone.

4. Delete accounts. The average American has around 150 accounts. Close out old accounts that you don’t use anymore.

5. Ditch apps. Fewer than 25% of users return to an app after the first time they use it. So, do yourself a favor and delete apps you’ll never use again.

6. Clean up your desktop. Here are handy guides for both PC and Mac users to keep your desktop organized and free of overfilled folders.

7. Tackle Tabs. Who among us has ended a workday with no less than 30 tabs open? You don’t know what they are. You don’t remember why you opened them. Browser bookmarks will help keep you organized. Here are some tips for how to organize yours. 

8. Keep software up to date. In fact, turn on automatic updates.  Bad actors will exploit flaws in the system. Update the operating system and applications on your mobile phones, tablets, and laptops frequently.

Learn more about managing your privacy and security settings for the things you share online at 

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