Decade-long Drift restaurant debate reignites after recent floods | #socialmedia

The leaseholder of Brisbane’s former floating restaurant site at Milton still wants to reopen the venue despite it once again being damaged by floods, as the debate about which level of government should act over the site reignites.  

In the recent south-east Queensland floods, the Brisbane River swept debris into the former restaurant pushing the floor of the site upwards and partially onto the bikeway. 

The site has been vacant since the floating restaurant was swept down the river and crashed into the Goodwill Bridge in the 2011 floods.

The main building, which remained at the Milton site, was inundated as authorities told the owner to let it sink during the floods more than a decade ago, and has since been vacant.

The leaseholder of the site, Ken Allsop, had planned to reopen and operate a restaurant from the venue this year, and now is calling for government-funded cranes to move the building so it can be fixed and reopened.

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Drift restaurant floating down the flooded Brisbane River and smashing into a bridge on January 13, 2011.(ABC News)

Mayor takes swipe at state government

Brisbane Lord Mayor Adrian Schrinner posted on social media calling for an end to the “decade-long Drift restaurant debacle” after the shell of the old restaurant was pushed onto the bikeway during the recent weather event.

an image of the restaurant on a bikeway surrounded by debris
Drift was partially pushed onto the Bicentennial Bikeway during the 2022 floods.(ABC Radio Brisbane: Antonia O’Flaherty)

Minister hits back

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