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This week, Jack’s Brake & Alignment, a complete automotive repair shop with two Davenport locations, warned customers and Facebook followers of a fake Facebook profile that was seen messaging those who had entered Jack’s Thanksgiving giveaway, posing as the official Jack’s Brake & Alignment account.

The fake profile messaged multiple individuals who had entered the contest, promising them that they had won and all they needed to do was click on a link and enter in their credit card information, according to a business release Tuesday.

Shortly after the team at Jack’s Brake & Alignment noticed the fake profile, they acted and messaged every account that was seen to be messaging with the fake account. 

Jack’s also posted a Facebook status to warn others about the hackers, which some of Jack’s followers shared on their personal Facebook pages as well. This year, Jack’s Brake & Alignment wants to remind the community to be watchful when it comes to contests and giveaways, especially during the holidays when some are just looking for a little extra help to get by. 

 “It was sad seeing that someone would go as far to make a fake account and pose as us to try and steal credit card information from our friends, family and customers,” said the company release. “The holidays are stressful enough and most of us are just trying to get by and provide a decent meal for our families. We want to make sure that those within our community remember to be watchful, especially this time of year when some of us can become more vulnerable.”

Here are some Dos and Don’ts you should practice this upcoming holiday season when it comes to holiday scams, giveaways, and how to spot a fake account. 

  • Do — check your facts. If a business says that they are going to do a Facebook Live for example to announce winners, but you receive a message out of the blue, consider this a red flag. 
  • Don’t — click on any strange links. If you get sent a link that seems suspicious, don’t click on it. And now that we’re talking about it, don’t ever click on any random links. Most times for something as simple as a Facebook FREE giveaway, no business will ever ask you to click on additional links. 
  • Do — call the business’s direct phone line for verification. If you receive a message that you’ve won a contest, it’s a good idea to call the reputable business’s phone number for verification. 
  • Don’t — ever share any of your personal information, especially banking and credit card information. If you’ve entered a FREE giveaway, there’s no reason that a legitimate business would be asking for your banking information. 
  • Do — look for slight differences in profile names. Profiles on social media accounts like Facebook and Instagram cannot have the same name, so even if a fake profile has stolen your exact profile picture and cover photo, they can’t have the same name. Fake accounts will often change very minor things in the title of their profile name such as swapping an & sign for a dash (-) or leaving off an (s). Example: Brake vs Brakes 
  • Do — report fake profiles and share useful information across Facebook. When you report a fake profile, you’re helping notify Facebook’s team that a user is violating the platforms terms of use. The more people that report a fake or harmful profile, the greater chance that profile has of being taken down. If you don’t mind sharing important information on your own feed, you can also help spread important information that can hopefully steer others away from misleading information as well. 

These are just a few simple things to follow this time of year, and following these Dos and Don’ts could help you stay safe and avoid scams this holiday season. 

One of the many happy winners of the Thanksgiving giveaway of free hams and turkeys from Jack’s Brake & Alignment and Hy-Vee on Rockingham Road.

“We’re so thankful that our 9th Thanksgiving giveaway with Hy-Vee on Rockingham Road still turned out successfully,” Jack’s release said. “This year we were able to give away 10 turkeys and 10 hams to those who had entered our drawing on Facebook. Even just that small amount made such a difference to the individuals who had their names drawn and we’re glad that we were able to continue this tradition. We hope everyone has a safe and happy Thanksgiving!” 

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