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ACA International has more Hot Topic webinars planned on accounts receivable management industry trends and regulations as well as Core Curriculum to help members achieve ACA’s designations. This month’s series highlights privacy and data security issues as well as account prioritization strategies.

Here are the webinars planned for the second part of June.

Cost-savings tip: If your company has multiple people attending ACA’s webinars, consider investing in the All-Access Training Zone, which includes bundled education from ACA at one low price.

Core Curriculum

Core seminars help you earn designations available through ACA. Our newly launched Designation Express education vehicle allows members to work toward designations on a consistent weekly schedule and network with ACA leaders and members.

To learn more about our Core Curriculum and Designation Express, visit our designations webpage. If you can’t attend these live webinars, check out ACA Core Curriculum On Demand.

ACA also has Core Curriculum webinars to help your staff earn designations scheduled through December, so now is a great time to plan ahead on education for your team in 2021. Check out the events calendar for more details.

Effective Performance Management

Rock your transition to Reg F compliance and coach your team to be their best by attending this webinar. It will feature strategies to help with maintaining compliance and fostering continuous and measurable improvement and is part of the requirements to earn Collection Industry Professional (CIP) and Professional Collection Management (PCM) designations. Speakers will be announced closer to the webinar date.

This webinar is from 9:30 to 11 a.m. CDT June 14. Visit the webinar webpage to register.

Managing the Collection Floor

This two-day webinar will feature strategies in collection floor management to help with maintaining compliance and fostering continuous improvement in efficient and effective collection practices. If you are on track to complete the CIP designation, take this additional course and earn your PCM designation at the same time. Speakers will be announced closer to the webinar date.

This webinar is from 9:30 to 11 a.m. CDT June 16-18. Visit the webinar webpage to register.

Let’s Chat About Blueprint QMS

Each quarter, ACA Blueprint-certified company members host a free Q&A open forum. Bring your questions about forms, documentation, training and the audit process. Join us if you are a current Blueprint user or even if you are just curious about the program.

This webinar is from noon-1 p.m. CDT June 18. Visit the webinar webpage to register.

Building High Performing Teams

Being an effective leader of a team requires the ability to manage your most important assets: people and relationships. This webinar with Irene Hoheusle, vice president of collections and education at Account Recovery Specialists Inc., will cover topics including strategies to successfully lead a team, work with different personalities and generations, hold an efficient team meeting and build morale. By the end of this webinar, which is part of the CIP and PCM designations, you will have strategies and techniques for managing a diverse team of people to a higher level of performance.

This webinar is from 9:30 to 11 a.m. CDT June 21-23. Visit the webinar webpage to register.

Root Cause Analysis: Elective for any Designation Renewal

Repetition is great for things like learning a new skill or following a routine for quality control but dealing with repeat problems is tedious and frustrating. If you are tired of working the same problems repeatedly, this webinar with Pamela Murphy, vice president, compliance and privacy officer at ConServe, is for you. Adapted from ACA’s Professional Practices Management System, root cause analysis is a process that will guide you to the true origin of a problem, removing the root of the problem and stopping it from growing. That means the energy and resources your team used to sustain nuisance behavior can be redirected to more productive business.

This webinar is from 9:30 to 11 a.m. CDT June 25. Visit the webinar webpage to register.

Data Security & Privacy I

Data security breaches affect millions of consumers and businesses—are you prepared? This webinar, led by Leslie Bender, IFCCE, CCCO, senior counsel at Clark Hill PLC in Washington, D.C, will introduce a compliance perspective focused on personal responsibility and positive behavioral change, explore notification laws and strategies for establishing effective policies and procedures and more. Sign up now to work toward obtaining the Credit and Collection Compliance Officer and Healthcare Collection Management designations.

This webinar is from 9:30 to 11 a.m. CDT June 28-30. Visit the webinar webpage to register.

Hot Topics

Hot Topic webinars are designed to keep you up to date with the latest information on issues, rules and regulations that affect your business. They focus on compliance, operations, training and collector development as well as a “wild card” webinar each month.

School’s Out for Summer – But Privacy Is In…

In a three-part series beginning June 10, Bender, Kim Phan, partner at Ballard Spahr, Lauren Valenzuela, corporate counsel at Performant Recovery Inc. will be discussing the latest on privacy and data security. With more and more data security issues cropping up at the state and federal level this year, ACA is providing imperative info on how to track these trends and prepare your business.

The series topics include:

  • Practical Guidance on Interpreting Recent Federal and State Privacy/Data Security Developments, 2-3 p.m. CDT June 10. Visit the webinar webpage to register.
  • Social Media Opportunities and Pitfalls for Your Company—Setting  Guardrails and Guidelines, 2 to 3 p.m. CDT June 17. Visit the webinar webpage to register.
  • Compliance Considerations for your Websites and Online Resources, 2 to 3 p.m. June 24. Visit the webinar webpage to register.

If you miss part of the series, recordings will be available here.

Three Perspectives on Account Prioritization

Prioritizing accounts to decide which should be pursued first is becoming more legal and technology-focused than an artform. Join this webinar for three perspectives on the various factors involved in prioritizing accounts with Dennis Barton III, owner and managing attorney at The Barton Law Group LLC, Jason Hiland, vice president of sales at Attunely Inc., and Aaron Reiter, director of sales and marketing at The InterProse Corporation.  

This webinar is from 2 to 3 p.m. CDT June 21. Visit the webinar webpage to register.

Check ACA’s online events calendar for regular updates on the Hot Topic training schedule and Core Curriculum and stay tuned for more coverage of June education in ACA Daily. Updates are also available by subscribing to events and education email notices and ACA Daily through your My ACA profile at

If you’re interested in speaking at an ACA webinar, learn more here.

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