Darkbit Founders Join Aqua Security To Bolster Cloud Native Security | #cloudsecurity

Aqua Security, the pure-play cloud native security solutions provider, has announced the appointment of Darkbit Co-Founders, Brad Geesaman and Josh Larsen to the Aqua team.

Brad Geesaman will serve as the Director of Cloud Security and Josh Larsen as the Director of Cloud Product at Aqua Security. Their expertise will be leveraged to further strengthen Aqua’s Cloud Security Posture Management (CSPM) solution and Kubernetes offerings.

Cyber and information security experts

Geesaman and Larsen have been singularly focused on cyber and information security for over 20 years and working with Kubernetes, since its inception. With an emphasis on cloud native security, they will bring their approach of context-aware prioritization and automation to Aqua and help customers strengthen their cloud security posture. 

We’re very excited to welcome Josh and Brad to the team,” said Amir Jerbi, Co-Founder and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) for Aqua Security.

Visibility into enterprise cloud environments’ security needs

We’re eager to build their insights into something tangible and scalable for Aqua’s customers”

Amir Jerbi adds, “The deep, hands-on experience they’ve garnered with Darkbit offers unparalleled visibility into the security needs and priorities of enterprise cloud environments, eliminating risk across multiple layers and avoiding blind spots. We’re eager to build their insights into something tangible and scalable for Aqua’s customers.

We started Darkbit laser focused on cloud native security, and we couldn’t be more aligned with Aqua’s overall mission,” said Josh Larsen, adding “The opportunity to join a company that’s pushing the boundaries in cloud native and empowering its customers to innovate, while balancing security and compliance is a natural evolution of our previous work.

Enhancing security and scalability of enterprises

Josh Larsen, Co-Founder and former Chief Executive Officer (CEO) of Darkbit, is a serial entrepreneur with experience building security companies and teams for over 20 years. He is passionate about improving the security and scalability of technology-driven enterprises.

Prior to launching Darkbit, Larsen was Founder and CEO of Blackfin Security Group. At Blackfin, he led overall company direction and product launch strategy.

Josh Larsen ultimately led the company to a successful acquisition by Symantec Corporation (AVGO). At Symantec, Josh led the Emerging Technologies Group, focused on threat simulation platform development.

Cloud infrastructure veteran

Prior to Darkbit, Brad Geesaman was Chief Technology Officer of Blackfin Security

Brad Geesaman, Co-Founder and former Chief Security Architect of Darkbit, is a respected security researcher with deep understanding of cloud infrastructure and container orchestration platforms. His work has been featured in security publications, security podcasts, and at events such as RSA, KubeCon, and Black Hat.

Prior to Darkbit, Brad Geesaman was Chief Technology Officer of Blackfin Security. At Blackfin, he led the technology and development teams responsible for building immersive threat simulation environments on top of Kubernetes to train cyber security analysts at enterprise scale.

Active member of Cloud Native Computing Foundation

Brad Geesaman is also active in the Cloud Native Computing Foundation and open source community and was drawn to Aqua’s contributions.

Aqua truly embraces open source,” said Brad Geesaman, adding “The authenticity and number of open source software projects are a testament to the company’s dedication. I am eager to contribute my expertise in hacking and hardening Kubernetes and building security tools and frameworks to the great work Aqua is already doing.

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