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Rapid adoption of digital technologies helps implement new and disruptive business models and processes. However, every change involves risks – and cyberattacks are amongst the bigger risk factors today. At a time when businesses are embracing digital transformation, information protection and security has become a global concern. “We are one of the most attacked regions globally and with the increasing attack vectors, we feel this space has a very bright future,” says Kunal Bajaj, chief business officer, eSec Forte Technologies.

The company, which is certified by Cert-In for providing information security auditing services to government entities, is leveraging advanced technology to keep its clients – private as well as state-owned – safe and secure, providing information security and cybersecurity services to a clientele base spread across 20 countries including UAE, USA, UK, Kuwait, Singapore, Australia, Brazil, Malaysia, Canada, Taiwan, and Egypt.

Headquartered in New Delhi, eSec Forte has delivery centres in Bangalore, Gurugram, Mumbai, Sri Lanka and Singapore. It has 20+ solutions in its product portfolio and has global partnerships with OEMs such as Cato networks, Micro Focus, Access Data, and Data Resolver. Its team comprises engineers, computer application specialists, business management professionals, and experts in information and cybersecurity services, product development, and cloud-based solutions.

According to Bajaj, regulators are paying special attention to ensure organisations follow protocols and have compliances in place when it comes to cybersecurity. “We are proud to say we have partnered with most of the big logos across sectors in India,” he says, adding, “we are also focussing on cyber forensics and breach assessment because we feel breaches are inevitable, and incident management is extremely important for organisations.”

The eSec Forte founding team was always intrigued by cyberspace and enjoyed playing with niche technology. Bajaj says, “Back then cybersecurity was more of an obligation for organisations. In order to survive, we pushed hard but the market was not easy. We also started developing customer applications for mobile devices. It was only a couple of years later that we evolved completely into cyberspace.”

He adds, “we are privileged to partner with more than 50 banks globally, large telecom players, digital native businesses, defence forces and power companies. A lot of government entities who handle supercritical infrastructure are also our clients. We are bootstrapped and are a profitable company. We clocked growth of 40% last year and in the current year we are estimating growth of more than 50%.”

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