Cybersecurity Insights with Contrast CISO David Lindner | 5/27 | #cybersecurity | #conferences

Insight #1

“A recent survey shows developers are struggling to write secure code and often times publish code with known security vulnerabilities due to juggling priorities and demands. The only way to solve this is to provide your developers with all the information they need, in process, and in real-time, and allow them to fix vulnerabilities as they write code. Out of band tests, pdf reports, and false positives all lead to ignoring and deprioritizing.”


Insight #2

“Struggling with retention on your security teams? Three things that may help. First, provide weekly research time as part of their normal job. Second, send them to conferences. Third, pay them well and continually review the market.”


Insight #3

“When was the last time you did a Github search for common secrets, keys, or configuration files used in your environments? Try it today as I guarantee you find something.”

Cybersecurity Live - Boston




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