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01/26/2021 – 17:01pm | By: Margaret Ann Macloud

The University of Southern Mississippi (USM) is expanding its offerings to include
cybersecurity courses in response to a growing need for workers skilled in cybersecurity

These cybersecurity courses are now available to students who are working toward a
Bachelor of Applied Science in Applied Technology, which is a fully online program.
The four courses in cybersecurity will build awareness of cybersecurity defense, including
intrusion detection and cyber law and ethics.

“The Applied Technology BAS provides a flexible pathway that builds on an associate
degree earned through a military or other community college and allows students to
develop skills necessary in the growing cybersecurity field,” said Dr. Sarah Lee,
Director of the School of Computing Sciences & Computer Engineering.

The program’s primary objective is workforce development. Of the nearly 73,000 students
who enter Mississippi’s community and junior colleges, some enter the workforce after
completing a one- or two-year program or transferring to four-year institutions. USM’s
APT BAS coursework in cybersecurity highlights the relationship between the community
and junior colleges and four-year institutions, meeting the need to provide community
and junior college graduates with associate degrees with an appropriate, corresponding
baccalaureate degree.

“As a workforce development strategy, career pathway programs such as the online Applied
Technology BAS are designed to increase education and training opportunities to provide
an alternative route to occupations and postsecondary options,” said Dr. Deidra Minor,
Director of the Applied Technology BAS.

The inclusion of the cybersecurity coursework expands options in the long-running
Applied Technology program. With over a decade of success, USM’s Applied Technology
BAS is the longest running program of its kind in Mississippi and is designed for
professionals with a technical/occupational two-year degree. The program is designed
to serve as an educational bridge for adults with technical or associate degrees interested
in continuing their lifelong education goals.

The online curriculum includes project-based courses and accommodates a wide variety
of professional lifestyles, from the traditional student to the working professional.
This program provides an opportunity for those completing a career and technical degree
program at a two-year institution or through the military to obtain an advanced degree.

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