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Sometimes great old blog posts are hard to find (especially on Medium), so I decided to do a periodic (who am I kidding, occasional — not periodic) list blog with my favorite posts of the past quarter or so.

Here is my first. The posts below are ranked by lifetime views and topic. It covers both Anton on Security and my posts from Google Cloud blog.

Top 3 most popular posts of all times:

  • “Security Correlation Then and Now: A Sad Truth About SIEM”
  • “Beware: Clown-grade SOCs Still Abound”
  • “Can We Have “Detection as Code”?”

Security operations / detection & response:

  • “Can We Have “Detection as Code”?”
  • “Top 10 SIEM Log Sources in Real Life?”
  • “Why is Threat Detection Hard?”
  • “Revisiting the Visibility Triad for 2020”
  • “On Threat Detection Uncertainty”

Data security:

  • “Data Security and Threat Models”
  • “Musings on Modern Data Security”
  • “Improving security, compliance, and governance with cloud-based DLP data discovery” [GCP Blog]
  • “Lost in translation: encryption, key management, and real security” [GCP Blog]
  • “Not just compliance: reimagining DLP for today’s cloud-centric world” [GCP Blog]
  • “The cloud trust paradox: To trust cloud computing more, you need the ability to trust it less” [GCP Blog]

Cloud security:

  • “Move to Cloud: A Chance to Finally Transform Security?”


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