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Nearly 200 businesses were urged to shut down servers to avoid a ransomware attack after a computing network management tool by Kaseya came under a cyberattack on Friday.

Kaseya is an IT and security management services provider for small and media size businesses. This attack has come at a time when the US is heading towards the Independence Day holiday weekend.

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The company used its official account on Reddit to inform its users about the breach and warn them to immediately shut down their systems.

“We are in the process of investigating the root cause of the incident with an abundance of caution but we recommend that you immediately shutdown your VSA server until you receive further notice from us,” Kaseya’s Reddit message read. “It’s critical that you do this immediately because one of the first things the attacker does is shutoff administrative access to the VSA.”

Meanwhile, the US Cybersecurity and Infrastructure Security Agency (CISA) has assured that the officials are “taking action to understand and address the recent supply-chain ransomware attack” against Kaseya. CISA, too, recommended businesses to immediately shut down their software.

VSA is Kaseya’s software that allows companies to manage networks of computers and printers from one single source.

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