Cyberattack: New version of decryption tool developed as ‘good progress made’ | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

A new version of a decryption tool has been developed by the HSE and IT experts a nd is being deployed across the network, the Minister for Health said on Saturday.

He was tweetung after a daily meeing of a Ministerial taskforce reviewing progress in response to last week’s cyberattack on the HSE.

“A structured and controlled deployment is now underway across the core network and devices across the system,” Stephen Donnelly tweeted.

The level of disruption to service seen so far is expected to continue into next week and it “will take time to restore systems”, he added.

Mr Donnelly has said “good progress” is being made, but it will take time to restore Health Service Executive (HSE) and hospital IT systems.

“We are making progress on restoring health systems which is important to our patients who need the services, and also to the staff across the service who are doing ferocious work after 14 months of intense work on Covid-19,” he wrote on Twitter.

A platform that delivers digital radiology is live once again in Beaumont hospital, with progress made in other hospitals, he said

Mr Donnelly gave “huge thanks to the tens of thousands of healthcare staff all over the country doing your best at this time- it is appreciated.””Everything that can be done is being done at this time,” he added.

Earlier the Government said in a statement that “very steady progress” is being made in repairing and restoring the HSE’s IT systems in what is a “difficult and complex task”.

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