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J. Michael Daniel on the Pace and Depth of Threat Intel Sharing

J. Michael Daniel, president and CEO, Cyber Threat Alliance

The Cyber Threat Alliance – a nonprofit organization that improves the cybersecurity of the global digital ecosystem by enabling high-quality cyberthreat information sharing among cybersecurity providers – just celebrated its fifth birthday, and President and CEO J. Michael Daniel says the membership and information sharing both are growing at an impressive pace. He discusses the ransomware surge and how organizations should respond.

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In a video interview with Information Security Media Group at RSA Conference 2022, Daniel also discusses:

  • Working with the Ransomware Task Force;
  • The Cybercrime Atlas project;
  • Key steps to reduce cyber risk.

Prior to CTA, Daniel served as special assistant to the president and cybersecurity coordinator on the National Security Council staff, where he led the development and implementation of national cybersecurity strategy and policy, focusing on improving cyber defenses in the public and private sectors, deterring and disrupting malicious cyber activity aimed at the U.S. or its allies and improving the U.S.’s ability to respond to and recover from cyber incidents. Daniel also helped craft the government’s response to significant cyber incidents, such the attack on Sony Pictures Entertainment, the intrusion into the Office of Personnel Management and the Russian efforts to meddle in the U.S. electoral process.

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