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Production was halted at 14 Toyota plants in Japan for a day following a cyber attack on one of the company’s suppliers.

Toyota was said to have lost production of 13,000 vehicles after Kojima Industries Corp, which supplies plastic parts and electronic components, was targeted by hackers.

The attack came after Japan joined western countries in clamping down on Russia following the invasion of Ukraine.

Japanese prime minister Fumio Kishida said his government would investigate the incident and whether Russia was involved, according to Reuters.

A spokesperson for Kojima said the company appeared to have been the victim of a cyber attack.

Toyota, which described the incident as a “system failure”, said: “Due to a system failure at a domestic supplier (Kojima Industries Corp), we have decided to suspend the operation of 28 lines at 14 plants in Japan on Tuesday 1 March (both 1st and 2nd shifts). We apologise to our relevant suppliers and customers for any inconvenience this may cause.

“We will also continue to work with our suppliers in strengthening the supply chain and make every effort to deliver vehicles to our customers as soon as possible.”

Toyota said production was due to resume on Wednesday 2 March.

Last year Toyota cut global production by 40% for month due to the semiconductor shortage.

Meanwhile, BMW has announced it will halt production at its Oxford Mini plant for five days next week due to a shortage of parts from Ukraine.

And Volkswagen has said it will stop production for several says this week at two German factories because of delays getting parts from Ukraine.

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