Cyber attack behind Sunwing delays leaving passengers stranded | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

Sunwing delays are stretching into their fourth day after a third-party system the airline uses was hacked, according to the CEO.

In an interview with CP24, Sunwing Airline CEO Mark Williams said the airline’s system for check-ins and boarding was “breached.” Earlier on Tuesday, the airline tweeted that they were manually checking people in for all flights.

“A system that is up and running all the time, which never fails, was hacked,” Williams told CP24. “They had a cyber-breach, and they’ve been unable to get the system up.”

Sunwing said that despite checking in manually, they expect further delays. Passengers experiencing delays can request compensation here.

Flight delays continue to impact passengers as many people struggle to get home or leave for their vacations. It is not clear when Sunwing Airlines will be up and running again.

Williams told CP24 that because of the sensitive information that could’ve been breached, government agencies want to be positive that the breach has been fixed before resuming operations.

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