“Customer complaint” email scam preys on your fear of getting into trouble at work – Naked Security | #microsoft | #hacking | #cybersecurity

Have you ever had an angry customer bellow the dreaded words, “Just you wait, I’m going to report you to your manager”, or something along those lines?

We’re willing to bet that you have, and word on the street in the UK is that customer complaints, supposedly intensified by coronavirus-related frustrations, are at worryingly high levels right now.

And when someone does say, “I’m going to escalate this”, which is a confrontational, war-like expression at the best of times, it immediately becomes an uncertain, and often unpleasant, waiting game.

Will the blustery behaviour of ranting at you over the phone (or via IM, or on the support forum, or in a webchat session) provide the cathartic release the customer wanted, and bring their frustration to an end?

Or will you wake up tomorrow to a flurry of emails from your manager, or from HR, or from both, telling you about a formal complaint that’s just come in?

Well, over the past 24 hours, we, and many of our colleagues, have been on the receiving end of an email scam that preys on exactly these fears.

(At Naked Security, we receive emails for several different mail aliases along with our own personal addresses, so these bogus “Customer Complaints” have really been pouring in to our mailbox!)