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This year, the U.S launched a new FBI crypto unit to tackle cybercrime, with UK politicians also calling on the government to impose stricter controls.

While cybercrime is a global phenomenon, North Korea and Russia have proven to be the most effective in recent years. For governments and exchanges, sanction on Russia, in response to the invasion of Ukraine, has raised the stakes.

On Sunday, announced a failed cyber-attack.

The global crypto exchange ‘confirmed it was the target of a failed distributed “denial of service” (DDoS) cyber-attack.’

According to the announcement, the attack took place on Tuesday, 12 April. added,

“The attack was unsuccessful and no customer accounts or data were compromised during the incident.”

On April 12, announced that it was ceasing operations for residents in Russia, coinciding with the cyber-attack. founder, Viktor Prokopenya, said,

“ has identified security as a big concern for investors when choosing a trading platform. We are a global business whose executives have years of experience in creating transparent, secure, and powerful trading systems. Thanks to’s robust security measures, we were able to thwart the attempted DDoS attack. All of our servers, systems, and client data remain intact and uncompromised.”

The announcement followed news from last week of the North Korean cybercriminal syndicate, the Lazarus Group’s involvement in the Axie Infinity hack. Known as the Ronin Hack, cybercriminals got away with $552m, the largest cyber-haul.

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