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A crypto investor was scammed after he made a simple iPhone mistake. Because of what he did, the scammers were able to empty his MetaMask crypto wallet. 

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To make it worst, he also used this digital coin wallet to store his three NFTs, which he purchased from the Gutter Cat Collection.

“Hey y’all, let’s see how amazing this community can be. My entire wallet was just stolen. Totally wiped out,” said Domenic Iacovone, the scammed crypto investor, via his official tweet.

Of course, he also shared what exactly happened before he lost thousands of dollars.

Crypto Investor Lost Thousands of Dollars

According to LABible’s report, the scammers were able to acquire all the cryptocurrencies and NFTs from Iacovone in just a few seconds.

Crypto Investor Lost Thousands of Dollars Due To Simple iPhone Mistake! How To NOT Be Like Him

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The scam started when the investor received numerous calls from a contact claiming that they were from Apple. At first, he was just ignoring the calls.

But, when he saw that the caller ID of the contact was “Apple Inc,” he decided to call them back. During their conversation, the scammers told him that his Apple account was compromised.

After that, he received an identity confirmation. Dominic decided to provide the code to the malicious actors since he thought they were from Apple Inc. 

Because of this mistake, the scammers were able to acquire the 12-word password of his MetaMask. This allowed them to access the man’s MetaMask crypto wallet and steal around $650,000 in total (cryptocurrencies and NFTs).

How To Be NOT Like the Scammed Crypto Investor 

Help Coinbase provided some tips on how to avoid getting fooled by crypto scammers. Here are some of them: 

  • Don’t accept outbound calls asking for your personal information. 
  • Avoid sending cryptocurrencies to external wallet addresses on behalf of support agents. 
  • Never provide your sensitive details, even if you think that the caller is one of the official employees of a company. 
  • Avoid sharing your 2FA codes with anyone. 
  • Make some research regarding the number of the caller before providing any information. 

Meanwhile, some Australian crypto investors decided to use their digital coins to purchase luxurious cars. 

Recently, various Nigerian bank lenders were accused of conducting illegal crypto transactions. 

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