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A woman was portrayed as paedophile by a creepy computer hacker in a pretend news article.

Ryan Campbell sent intimate images of his victim to her family and altered a newspaper article to make her look like a child abuser.

The computer hacker sent the woman’s family intimate photos of her and edited a story.

In September 2020 Campbell was previously jailed for targeting three young girls and making their lives a misery.

They included a child aged 12 or 13, after she refused to send him naked pictures; a 16-year-old ex-partner, who he told to kill herself, and a 15-year-old victim, who he tormented by pretending to be her alleged rapist.

Ryan Campbell sent intimate images of his victim to her family (stock image)


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Days after being released from prison, Liverpool Crown Court heard he sent a friend request on Snapchat to a young woman, who has not been identified, the Liverpool Echo reports.

Prosecutor Rebecca Smith said his victim had “normal” conversations with Campbell, in October 2021.

He was using the account ‘Ry Antrickz’, said he was 22 and from Liverpool, and would come and visit her in another part of the country.

Due to the distance between the two, she decided they wouldn’t be friends and blocked him on Snapchat, only to receive numerous friend requests.

In November he contacted her on Facebook Messenger “making threats to hack her bank account if she did not speak with him” and accused her of contacting “many boys”.

The woman told him she didn’t want to argue but he replied “big mistake” and she blocked him on Facebook.

On November 17, she received an email saying action was required on her Facebook account, but discovered the password had been changed.

Friends told her a photo of her sticking her tongue out and a video of her dancing was posted on her Facebook wall, before Campbell messaged her on WhatsApp saying “want me to stop?” with laughing emojis.

Ms Smith said Campbell sent her texts containing the postcode of her old home and her grandad’s address and said he was travelling there.

The messages became “more sinister and abusive” when he accused her of “attention seeking” about wanting to self-harm and kill herself.

He sent a friend of hers messages from her Facebook account, who asked who he was.

Campbell replied: “Haha long story but we had a takeover because she’s a sl** basically.”

Liverpool Crown Court


Liverpool Echo)

On November 20 he text her “someone put your number on Gumtree as an escort” with a laughing emoji.

Campbell then sent her stepmum an article from the Independent newspaper with the headline: “Sinister female paedophile who abused nursery children handed suspended sentence.”

It had been edited to include the woman’s name, photo and the area where she lived.

Ms Smith said: “She found that extremely offensive and was shocked.”

Family and friends later contacted her to say Campbell had sent intimate photos of her to a Facebook messenger group chat.

The woman said she believed he had hacked her Snapchat account to seize these “private sexual images”.

She discovered Campbell had previously been jailed for similar offences and managed to change all her passwords.

But he then hacked her old Instagram account and messaged her from it, saying: “Want me to remove the lock off your bank then or nah?”

Ryan Campbell’s police custody image


Liverpool Echo)

Days later, he placed a series of orders on Just Eat to her address, leading to “irate” delivery drivers ringing her demanding payment.

She fled her home on November 21 “to seek refuge”, reported him to the police, and didn’t return until December 1, after he had been arrested.

The victim, appearing via video link, today read out a statement in which she described how Campbell left her housebound and suicidal.

She told the court: “This boy has destroyed my life.”

Campbell, 22, of Kirkdale, admitted computer hacking, harassment and disclosing private sexual photographs.

The court heard he has since been recalled to prison to serve the remainder of his 20-month sentence.

Jonathan Duffy, defending, said in a letter to the court Campbell accepted what he did was wrong and when interviewed by police, had said “he deeply regretted his actions and was genuinely very sorry for the distress that he had caused”.

Mr Duffy said their “online friendship/relationship” and the “nature or depth” of it was “misjudged” by Campbell, who then behaved in a “wholly inappropriate” way, which had “the hallmarks of immaturity”.

The lawyer asked for full one third credit for Campbell’s early guilty pleas.

Recorder Ian Harris said he was entitled to that, but it would be for him to judge how remorseful Campbell was, who was “an accomplished hacker of computers and of other people’s personal details”.

Mr Duffy said: “He disclosed in that letter how problems he’s experienced in his family, the deaths of people close to him, caused him to lose, or to think in a way which he now, having had time to reflect of course, deeply regrets.”

Recorder Harris told Campbell, of Kirkdale, Liverpool: “This behaviour of yours was criminal and cowardly. It paralysed your victim with fear. She became suicidal and reclusive.”

He said she was “courageous” to read her statement, which “referred to the fact that her whole way of life, friendships and work, had been disrupted by you”.

The judge said: “You say you’re sorry for the distress that you’ve caused.

“I’ve read your letter, which sets out your reasons for committing these offences. I don’t accept that the reasons that are set out in your letter are any excuse…

“It is in my judgement offensive to refer to personal matters as you have done in that letter and in some way try to blame those matters for you committing those offences, when you had only just been released from prison for the same, or a similar type of offending.”

Recorder Harris concluded: “I don’t find there is any remorse that I can take into account.”

He jailed him for two years and imposed an indefinite restraining order and five-year Criminal Behaviour Order, restricting his internet use.

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