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How to create a culture of cyber security and ensure employees are making good cyber security decisions

Best practices to educate, engage and embed cybersecurity knowledge and change behaviour


When it comes to getting the most out of training your end-users on cyber security annual training will not cut it anymore. The completion of training or attending a webinar is not enough to ensure your people are making better decisions when it comes to security every single day.

The good news is that there is a way to educate, engage and embed cyber security knowledge and change behaviour. Additionally, by following best practices you will can create a culture of security where your end-users are making better decisions to keep your organization and themselves safe online.

Join Jacqueline Jayne (JJ), Knowbe4s Security Awareness Advocate for APAC as she discusses these elements to empower you to create your own (or refresh your existing) cyber security education and awareness program to change behaviour.

In this session JJ will discuss:

  • The current cyberthreat landscape
  • How human error can contribute to cyber security vulnerabilities
  • The dos and don’ts of creating a cyber security education and awareness program
  • The three steps to cyber security awareness and success


Jacqueline Jayne (JJ) currently serves as Security Awareness Advocate for the APAC region for KnowBe4, the provider of the world’s largest security awareness and simulated phishing platform. With over 20 years’ experience as a conduit between people and technology, she has mastered the art of communication and influence. Previously, JJ led a successful cybersecurity education and awareness program that changed behavior and culture. Her insights on the human condition and how to engage at all levels in this space are invaluable. JJ is also a renowned speaker and is giving engaging and thought-provoking talks at conferences around the world. She additionally holds the SACP certification.

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