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Italian chef Gennaro Contaldo, who mentored food icon Jamie Oliver, has shared his tried and tested method for cooking pasta perfectly.

Al dente, meaning “to the tooth” is a particular way of cooking pasta.

The result is tender but also firm and chewy to taste.

Italy Magazine stated: “To be truly Italian, al dente – literally meaning ‘to the tooth’, or with a bit of bite – is the only way to go.”

Gennaro demonstrated to his fellow pasta lovers how to make pasta al dente.

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He stated: “Let me show you how to cook the perfect pasta.”

The chef’s first tip was not to scrimp on salt.

The chef revealed that pasta fans should be using about 10 grams of salt for every litre of water.”

Gennaro demonstrated with 100 grams of pasta.


Next up is the taste test.

Referring to his culinary creation, Gennaro said: “Perfect. Al dente means it’s just a little bit undercooked.”

The result of this is that you are chewing the pasta longer and tasting it better, not to mention digesting it better, according to the chef.

The salt added to the water at the beginning of the process will later complement the sauce when added – for a taste that made Gennaro exclaim “hallelujah”.

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