Controversial PC Anti-Piracy Software Company Denuvo Launches New Tool To Protect DLC And Microtransactions | #itsecurity | #infosec

Denuvo is a widespread name across the PC gaming community, owing much of its fame to the company’s controversial PC anti-piracy software and its DRM technology that has proven effective at keeping new release games off pirate sites for a time. Today, they have expanded the software’s protection over the latest and upcoming titles, launching Denuvo SecureDLC to protect DLC and microtransactions from unauthorized access.

The new Denuvo SecureDLC tool will replace the DLC entitlement checks of PC storefronts from the likes of Steam, Epic Games Store, and elsewhere. Whenever booting up a game, it will check to determine if a player owns the DLC through technology provided by PC store sites. With this new security system in place, Denuvo hopes to promote anti-piracy even for a game’s additional content/add-ons.

“Denuvo has become a one-stop shop for game developers to ensure the safety of their game against cheating, tampering, and piracy and to protect the gaming experience,” said Denuvo Managing Director Reinhard Blaukovitsch in a recent press release. “Our current clients, big and small, are ecstatic with the results and we are happy to help them maximize revenue and also enable new business models for these games they spent so much effort building.”

You can read more about the initiatives of the Denuvo SecureDLC technology from the Denuvo press release.

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