Computer hackers who hacked some blizzard games explained their motivation | #computerhacking | #hacking

So soon they decided to drop the lock for the players.

And soon they deleted the opportunity to the players.

The hacker group Blizzless bypassed the protection of several Blizzard games: Warcraft 3 Reforged, StarCraft Remastered and Diablo 2 Resurrected. The hacker released a little appeal, as noted in TorrentFreak.

The Blizzardless page has appeared in the Boosey page. There was a manifesto where the group could be motivated.

The Blizzless project is a project to reduce the limitations of the famous products of a well-known company for a network-wide connection with a server.

Our team sees the goal of developing more advanced servers to be able to use the purchased products without restrictions, without collecting data (telemetry) and after termination of support.

We plan on showing the process for some of our source code, so that the community can explore and use it.

Another reason the hackers decided to restrict the protection of Blizzard games.

  • That’s not your own favourite game.
    • Fortified removal and replacement of game clients without the knowledge of user-sellers.
    • You may be fined if your account changes.
    • Our worldviews show that access to products can be easily denied because of your nationality and your locality.
  • The slogan of the company “Every voice counts.” It’s now nothing more than a rudiment: one voice is the number one word: “Twin of your voice”
    • lawyers bullied hard modders.
    • The company is not working with creativity in its projects.
    • Aside from your skin color, your state and your wealth that has to be subject to the most importance, the company does not hide this, putting out tools to assess the norm and releasing open pay to help win projects.
  • Disregard and close up of projects (sometimes informal), without need for support from the community.

It’s important that the information was easily erased from the page. At least the source code has yet to be published.

That’s interesting.

Showrunner: Those of the Rings will make any modern agenda slam.

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