#comptia | #aplus | securityplus | ‘The Who, What, Why and How of DDoS Attacks’

Tech association, CompTIA, has made a guide to DDoS attacks available to assist organizations manage this important cause of downtime. ‘The Who, What, Why and How of DDoS Attacks’ has been designed to be useful to people with all types of backgrounds – from those new to the concept all the way to seasoned IT professionals.

The guide covers:

  • Definition of DDoS attack
  • Types of DDoS attacks
  • Explanation of botnets
  • Organizational vulnerabilities
  • Who, what, why and how of DDoS attacks
  • DDoS warning signs and tools for mitigation
  • Tools for detecting and responding to DDoS attacks
  • DDoS attack best practices and response procedures.

Read the guide (PDF).

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