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All those residents flocked to the first Inside the Visalia Ransacker Investigation forum in April to hear behind-the-scenes stories of the burglar/rapist/murderer who turned out to be the notorious Golden State Killer will be intrigued by Part II.

Lawyer and private investigator Tony Reid was brought into the investigation differently. His agency in Los Angeles was asked to research a murder unrelated to the Visalia Ransacker. Another man, Oscar Clifton, was convicted and sent to death row. He died in jail. His family wanted to know why he was convicted on what they described as scant evidence.

Reid’s research led him to retired Sgt. John Vaughan headed the search for the Ransacker after Claude Snelling was murdered in 1975. Reid and Vaughan shared information and agreed that the Clifton investigation had been flawed, and the murder should have been attributed to the Ransacker.

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