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Phishing detection and response (PDR) vendor Cofense has bolstered its email protection, detection and response capabilities with the acquisition of Cyberfish.

Cyberfish’s product offering of the same name, which has been designed for managed service providers (MSP) and small- to medium-sized business (SMB), claims to provide phishing protection from websites and emails with computer vision and artificial intelligence (AI).

Acquired for an unspecified amount, the deal sees the MSP partners of Cofense gaining access to Cyberfish’s real-time phishing protection technology, which will be deployed “immediately” as part of Cofense’s Managed PDR service.

Additionally, Cofense is set to use its phishing intelligence to train and develop Cyberfish’s machine-learning algorithms further to block malicious emails in real-time.

“Together, Cofense and Cyberfish will offer a one-stop shop for an organization’s email security needs, eliminating the need for many expensive and slow-to-deploy legacy solutions,” said Rohyt Belani, Cofense CEO and co-founder. 

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