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By Enterprise Security Magazine | Wednesday, November 18, 2020

The companies must understand the challenges related to AWS security so that they can maintain constant security in the public cloud environment.

FREMONT, CA: The important cloud platforms allow companies to use scalable and flexible computing structures at a fraction of the price, similar to the cost of in-house deployment. The companies are quickly adopting the usage and advantages of cloud-based infrastructure, but the cloud security lags most of the time. There are numerous data breaches and other cloud security events that harm the company’s sensitive data. Companies should know about the challenges related to cloud security to protect the AWS deployment from cyber threats.

Here are some of the most common challenges in AWS security, which is necessary for the companies to know to maintain consistent security in the AWS and public cloud environments.

Most of the companies struggle while applying robust cybersecurity for cloud environments. Here are the common challenges they have to deal with while securing the cloud infrastructure. 

Understanding Responsibilities: 

The cloud service providers (CSPs) are defined as a shared responsibility model that plans the security responsibility belonging to the CSP, the ones belonging to the cloud customer, and the shared responsibilities. A lack of knowledge about this model develops the potential of security gaps and can lead to cybersecurity risk. It exposes the organizations and their data to cybercriminals, due to which it becomes easy for them to attack. The companies need to understand the CSP’s shared responsibility model and create strategies to fulfill their responsibilities and decrease risks in the cloud. 

Maintaining Visibility: 

Most of the companies have multiple cloud deployments, and they also suffer from shadow IT, where the employees implement cloud deployments without the IT team’s knowledge. Both the situation is difficult for the IT teams because they cannot understand which one to monitor. The cloud assets are provisioned and decommissioned quickly and on a large scale due to which it becomes difficult to track and manage the cloud assets. In the cloud, the companies do not have control over the underlying structure, making traditional methods of maintaining visibility unusable. It also forces them to depend on the cloud service providers’ solutions that differ from provider to provider. It becomes challenging to maintain constant visibility in every cloud-based environment. 

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