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Ahmedabad: A businessman from the Satellite area of the city was browsing through management ideas when a pop-up on his screen presented an attractive mutual funds offering.
He clicked the pop-up, unwittingly giving hackers access to his phone. In eight transactions, cybercrooks stole Rs 49,900 from him.
A BBA student from Ahmedabad was watching videos on a website when a pop-up laid out the prospect of meeting beautiful girls in his neighbourhood. He clicked and lost Rs 15,000 to scammers.
The pop-up traps are ensnaring a growing number of people. So the cops and the state cyber cell, which comes under the CID (crime), have issued an advisory warning people about the risks of careless clicking.
Apart from taking your money, cybercrooks may hack into your device and snoop into your personal life.
The advisory, issued on Saturday by the state cyber cell, said: “Be cautious [about] phishing pop-up advertisements in apps. Do not download any apps with such pop-ups.” The advisory added: “Your personal content or videos can be made viral on social media.”
Police said several apps give free passage to the cybercrooks into people’s devices. The pop-up is a common gateway into your devices.
Even if a person inadvertently clicks on such pop-ups or links, cybercrooks can swiftly get access to the person’s device and obtain crucial information, said a cop from the cyber cell.
Sometimes, the cop said, the cybercrooks also get access to a phone’s video camera and record personal activities and spy on the target.
Thus, the cybercrooks can extort money with the threat of leaking personal information.


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