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Mrs Hinch rose to fame by posting her nifty cleaning hacks on social media. Four bestselling books and 4.5 million Instagram followers later, she has inspired an army of cleaning enthusiasts who post their own hacks for getting household chores done cheaply and efficiently on Facebook.

Linda Burton took to Mrs Hinch Cleaning Tips with a plea.

She said: “HELP NEEDED. I’ve suffered with smelly washing forever.

“I just cleaned the machine and ran a specific washing machine cleaner through on hot wash but despite using bio liquid and conditioner my washing still comes out smelling off.

“I’ve tried changing the bio liquid and conditioner and even tried eco washing sheets but nothing works. HELP PLEASE.”

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Mrs Hinch fans came to her rescue with their helpful suggestions.

Maxine Teasdale said: “To clean my washer I put bleach on the seal just in the door and two dishwasher tablets and run it on the hottest wash empty – cleans it brilliantly.

“I don’t use fabric softener when I wash, I use two caps of Zoflora as a softener and makes clothes smell lovely.”

Lindy Martin added: “I put a Calgon tablet in with one wash once a week.


Rita Trimmell provided her top tips for a clean washing machine: “Clean seal and dispensers. Wash under rim with vinegar.

“I also use a cup of vinegar in the softener dispenser.”

She continued: “I do not use softener – I use a cup of vinegar in the rinse, removes residue from soap, softens and removes odours. Plus, cost efficient!

Valerie Davis offered an expert hack.

“A washing machine engineer friend told me some years back not to use fabric conditioner. It collects overtime and goes slimy and smelly.

“He also said that it isn’t even necessary as the clothes are well rinsed and better off without it.”

Annie Bunce was in agreement: “Agree entirely. They are SO bad for your machine, the laundry and the environment.”

Lee Danielle Marsden Omar told fellow cleaning enthusiasts to make the swap from washing liquid to powder.

“My towels were smelling stale no matter what I did, but changing back to powder sorted it out.”

Mrs Hinch fan Tracey Powell said: “Soda crystals in the washing powder drawer, cleans machine, rim and clothes. Helps with hard water.”

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