Cleaning hack: How to banish flies from homes using brown sugar | #government | #hacking | #cyberattack

TikTok user @jdeleon716 shared a simple and very effective hack to “trap and kill flies” that only requires three household items.

Lastly, flip the cut top over the base and place it in an infested area.

TikTok viewers tried the brown sugar method and many agreed the easy hack “works a treat”.

Sonia Cordeiro asked: “Does it really work? Anyone tried already?”

Another user replied saying: “Yeah, I did it when I was in Croatia with Fanta to kill all the bees [and flies].


User Laura Rusk commented saying: “I did this today, I hung it in the centre of the french doors into the conservatory, I’ve only seen one fly today, well worth a try!”

Pest control expert at, Walter Murphy, advised: “The best way to get rid of flies is by making sure your home is clean and free of any sugary substances, rotting meat or other waste.

“This will involve wiping down surfaces and emptying the bin as often as possible to prevent flies from lingering in your home.

“You can also use natural repellents, such as apple cider vinegar, to get rid of flies.”

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