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The ChromeOS 104 Update is coming with major updates to improve the convenience of users.

Google Chrome’s update includes new apps such as the Screenshot app, Cursive app, and Gallery app.

With this new update, the operating system will now provide more shortcuts to ease the use of students or working individuals through easy access to apps like Docs, Chat, Calendar, and Meet.

Furthermore, Google’s latest update for ChromeOS is rolling out to users this week, and one of its new features is support for switching to a dark theme.

ChromeOS 104 Update: Light and Dark Themes

In Google Chrome, the Night Light feature was the only one that ChromeOS had included in its software up to this point. It changed the screen hue to make it easier for users to see their screens in low-light environments.

However, Google is now improving that feature with the latest ChromeOS 104 update to introduce the newest light and dark themes.

This feature has been previously hidden behind developer flags while in testing until it finally made its official debut on ChromeOS 104. Additionally, this feature is expected to follow the trend of dark mode settings becoming more prevalent in other Google products.

The “light” theme ensures that everything is bright and airy, making it appropriate for use both during the day and at night.

On the other hand, Google has also developed a dark theme, which makes it much simpler to read at night or in dim light, and it can also help reduce energy consumption.

In addition, users also have the option to keep the theme of their laptop stable, in whatever theme they choose to have all the time.

Aside from that, customers also have the option of selecting “auto,” which will cause the display to change from bright to dark when the sun sets automatically.

Google also mentioned that certain brand-new wallpapers were created for both themes, causing users’ wallpapers to softly change from light to dark.

According to The Verge, to change the display theme in ChromeOS 104:

  1. Just go to the Settings

  2. Click the Personalization section

  3. Click Set your wallpaper & style

  4. From there, users can select dark, light, or auto mode

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New Movie Editor and Video Editing Features

Another major update coming to Google Chrome is the improved capabilities of Google Photos. With this latest update, Google Photos now has a new movie editor along with the new video editing features.

According to Google, the updated movie-making features in Google Photos are intended to make it simple for users to make custom movies. Now, users can make movie clips from scratch or based on pre-made themes.

Those users who like more creative freedom can also utilize the Google Photos editor to create their own movie from scratch. The ability to search Google Photos makes it simple for users to choose and arrange their preferred photos and video clips.

Users will be able to edit video clips using the new capabilities to change the brightness and contrast, as well as be able to trim video clips. Alternately, editors have the option of applying a Real Tone filter, which Google introduced earlier this year.

Since these filters are designed to function effectively with a wide range of skin tones, editors have access to a wide variety of looks from which to select the one that best exemplifies their personal aesthetic.

Aside from that, editors have the ability to add finishing touches to their films, such as music and title cards, which can help the film stand out.

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