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While Google Play was busy celebrating its 10th anniversary, another Google all star crept up on a huge milestone. Chromecast is now 9 years old (I know, I know, the company couldn’t wait just one more year to round out to an even number?), and with it, a new Keyword Blog post celebrates all of the wonderful ways that it’s changed in-home media.

However, a look back on the past is a wonderful way to celebrate, but a new feature is truly today’s highlight. While discussing Chromecast’s legacy and how you can mirror your phone or Chrome tab to the living room TV, live stream your Nest Cam to the big screen and even show off your family photo slideshow with just a few taps, Product Manager Sid Parmar revealed that Chromecast with Google TV is rolling out support for live video streaming for the latest line-up of Nest Cams and Doorbells!

That’s right, all Nest Cameras and doorbells are now supported in full on your living room TV, and all you have to do is say “Okay Google, show me the front door”, to get a live feed of whoever is leaving a package on your doorstep or playing ding dong ditch without having to leave the couch.

A small update to be sure, but a necessary one. Any time Google makes its newer hardware compatible across the board for Assistant voice commands, it’s worth paying attention, I think. I only wish they made these sorts of things possible the day new devices and accessories release, not a year or two after the fact.

Chromecast has had incredible impact in allowing families to enjoy streaming media with convenience in their homes, business men and women to connect via remote work meetings by attaching their web cam to their TV, and even letting families collaborate on a video and music queue (Thanks Nexus Q)! It’s easy to say that it’s become one of the most influential devices of this generation, and if Google is celebrating 9 years (which seems odd), I can only imagine what they have planned for next year).

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