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Notifications on the Chromebook platform are about to get a major usability overhaul via a brand new UI update. That’s based on a recent report from Android Police, which noticed those efforts underway in the Chromium Gerrit code repository.

More succinctly, the new code points to preparations for a complete rework of the Chromebook notifications system. Namely, by adding a feature flag that will activate the feature later on. Those are typically found in the “chrome://flags” menu, once completed or nearing completion.

So what will this new Chromebook notifications UI look like?

The change itself doesn’t provide too many details. But it does reference another bit of code that provides much wider insights.

Summarily, the new notification experience will deliver a completely new UI and grouping. With neither given much explanation. Presumably, the UI overhaul will work to create a more unified experience between mouse, trackpad, and touchscreen users. And grouping will likely deliver some separation between notifications. Potentially placing them together based on purpose or app.

The latter feature will undoubtedly be the more impactful of the two. Google could feasibly push notifications on Chromebooks to act more similarly to Android. If that’s the case, notifications on a user’s Chromebook, after the update, could potentially be split to include groups that are silent as well as those that aren’t. But there’s no way of knowing exactly what Google plans to do with the code just yet.

Secondary to that, there is also code present to add background blur when notification corners are round.

When are these changes coming?

As of this writing, there’s been no timeline associated with the new UI overhaul and there’s been no announcement of the changes either. Since Google is only just starting with these changes and even the experimental Chrome Canary Channel has no functionality associated with it,  it will likely take quite some time before users start seeing anything different from the current functionality.

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