Chromebook and Google Workspace reportedly face a ban in Denmark over data concerns | #android | #security

What you need to know

  • Google Chromebooks and Workspace products reportedly face a ban in Denmark.
  • It’s been determined that these services don’t meet GDRP requirements over data processing.
  • The ban is imposed, citing data concerns effective immediately.

Thanks to their affordable pricing, Chromebooks are go-to notebooks for students and educational purposes. The other feature that sets apart these Chromebooks is the suite of Google Workspace apps that help users get work done. Unfortunately, both have been under scrutiny and reportedly face a ban from Denmark’s Data Protection Agency.

The move comes after severe criticism from the Helsingør municipality, a city in Denmark, against Chromebooks and the use of Google Workspace for education purposes, reports TechCrunch. This is a follow-up from last year, wherein Helsingør Municipality reportedly notified the Danish data protection agency of a breach of personal data security. Later, the municipality was ordered to dig into how Google processes personal data.

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