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Google Chrome is facing another zero-day vulnerability hack that North Korean threat actors imposed against its US targets, and many services face the effect of this dispute. There are beliefs that this zero-day is interconnected with past hacks that researchers attribute to North Korea, all serving under one entity of hacking the US systems. 

Google Chrome: New Zero-Day Vulnerability is from North Korea

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Google’s Threat Analysis Group (TAG) discovered a new zero-day vulnerability on its Chrome web browser. The company said it is similar to past hacks they saw in their systems. The internet company said that this is possibly a North Korean-backed organization that successfully got into their systems. 

The company is now fighting against it, focusing on bringing a massive upgrade that will stop the hackers from fully accessing its systems from the many threats they get here. The latest Chrome package is affected by this zero-day vulnerability, and Google is working on ways to keep its systems safe from attack. 

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Chrome’s Zero Day Vulnerability is Interconnected 

Google Zero Day

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In this file photo taken on August 04, 2020, Prince, a member of the hacking group Red Hacker Alliance who refused to give his real name, uses a website that monitors global cyberattacks on his computer at their office in Dongguan, China’s southern Guangdong province. – As the number of online devices surges and super-fast 5G connections roll out.

There are suspicions that the new zero-day is interconnected with different accessibilities from the North Korean hackers, including Operation Dream Job and Operation AppleJeus. According to Clear Sky, this is a direct indication that massive entities are at play here, with a single organization executing these hacks to put users at risk. 

Zero-Day Vulnerability of Google’s System

There are many zero-day vulnerabilities from Google Chrome’s system, and it is the target of many hackers that impose these kinds of threats as many people utilize the browser from the company. There has been a recent patch that focused on updating the Chrome’s security as it is the target of the vulnerability that if users do not use, they will be a part of the many harmful repercussions. 

Most of the time, the threat actors focus on the usual web browsers that many people use, and the companies offer protection from this, but many conduct their access to the systems. Moreover, zero-days may sometimes be unseen by regular users as they are underlying, and the use of the system will guarantee access to their accounts or devices. 

Google Chrome is one of the many targets of zero-day vulnerabilities, and there have been a lot that the internet company did to fight against these hackers. North Korea’s team is massive, and the hacks are significant as the access sometimes goes undetected, with Google noticing it and fighting against it, all under one alleged scheme. 

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