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Google’s very own search engine, Chrome, remains one of the most popular search engines of today. Its future, however, could see massive improvements with the addition of AI automation in order to make its practices less intrusive.

Cybersecurity Urgency Highlighted in City of Portland’s Hack

One major reason behind Google’s decision to do this is in order to protect its users by improving its cybersecurity practices. Over the past years, there have been more and more reports of cyberattacks that have resulted in catastrophic damages.

Cyberattacks target not just individuals but even organizations, businesses, and governments. Just recently, the city of Portland lost $1.4 million to a “cybersecurity breach,” according to OPB, which demonstrated the importance of online security.

Google to Add New Features to Chrome’s Toolbar

According to the story by Slash Gear, Google is working towards a solution to make its services, Chrome, Gmail, and more, a better and safe place for users. As per the article, the company is making adjustments to its toolbar on Chrome’s mobile version.

The specific button that is being changed is the one located right next to the address field. Depending on whether users are more accustomed to either using voice search or sharing a lot of pages, the new icon will allow users to see appropriate action to take.

Company Promises Users Will be Able to Manually Customize Experiences

The suggestions will be customized based on the habits of the user in order to provide a more efficient solution. Within the feature, Chrome “might even be able to change that icon in real-time” depending on when the app is being used or which pages are the user visiting.

Google also promises its users that they will still be able to manually customize the experience especially if they do not want to rely on any AI-based predictions. This is especially useful for those users that do not enjoy AI-based technologies learning their habits in order to make safety suggestions.

The Company is Leveraging Machine Learning Models

Aside from the flexibility that Chrome offers, the new features by Google show the company’s ability to use machine learning processes directly on devices. This is also a demonstration of the technology the search engine giant is capable of applying especially for security measures.

Back in the day, the cloud-based approach received a lot of criticism due to its potential privacy issues. This led to Google deciding to develop its very own on-device machine learning models.

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Google Promises Data Won’t Leave Device

To make things clear, Google is also promising its users that the new features will not cause their data to leave the device. This means that the decisions made by the AI based on the data available won’t leave the device.

Google published a blog post regarding how machine learning could assist in building a “more helpful browser.”

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