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Copying and pasting are inherently limited with web browsers and web apps. Thanks to a new API from Google and Microsoft, it’s about to get better.

Copying and pasting are two of the most basic functions of any computer. For Edge and Chrome users, Microsoft and Google are working together on a massive upgrade that’ll allow both web browsers to copy and paste a much wider variety of files than ever before.

When it comes to desktop browsers, Chrome and Edge and two of the most popular options on the market. Google Chrome is widely regarded as the go-to browser for Mac and Windows users alike, offering robust features, syncing across other devices, and seamless integration of people’s Google accounts. Microsoft Edge has quickly caught up to Chrome over the years. And with it set as the default browser on every Windows machine, its exposure to new users is massive. Both Edge and Chrome have a lot to offer, and thanks to a new API being co-developed by Microsoft and Google, users of the two browsers have something exciting to look forward to.

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As first spotted by Windows Latest, Microsft and Google are creating “Pickle Clipboard APIs.” They’re a new series of APIs that change how copy and pasting works on Edge and Chrome, with the main goal being to make it more useful than ever before. Per the report, the Pickle Clipboard APIs would “improve Google Chrome and Edge’s default clipboard facility, allowing users to easily copy and paste a wide variety of complex data payloads (file types) between the browser and native apps.”

Why This Is A Big Change For Chrome & Edge

As it stands today, copy and pasting in Chrome/Edge is limited to very basic file types — including .txt, .jpg, .png, HTML, etc. This is fine for many use cases, but when custom files like TIFF and .docx enter the mix, things don’t work as expected. With the Pickle Clipboard API, web apps and browsers would be able to copy and paste almost any file type without any unwanted funk. As Windows Latest points out, this would enable people to “copy and paste custom file formats between web apps and native apps on Windows, macOS, Android, and other platforms.”

The report goes on to highlight a few other benefits of the API. With the ability to copy and paste across web apps and native apps, the copying and pasting would take place on the OS clipboard — not the browser. Developers would also be able to create their own clipboard formats, and all of this would happen without sacrificing privacy or security.

It’s unclear when exactly the Pickle Clipboard API will be ready for launch, but when it does, it sounds like a more than welcome addition. The technical underlying of how everything works is a bit complicated, but at the end of the day, all users need to know is that copying and pasting different files is about to get a lot more convenient.

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