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Despite advances in security and technology, the Internet is more dangerous than ever, with corporate websites being hacked, zero-day vulnerabilities being exploited, and myriad passwords being leaked. It has become clear.

We rely on internet browsers to protect ourselves from threats, but this week Google added some features that make Chrome even more secure. Enhanced safe browsing function Released last year, “For users who need or want a higher level of security while browsing the Web.”

So The Barge Report, One update is about Chrome extensions. From now on, if the extension you are trying to download is “untrusted” by Google, your browser will warn you. Extensions must follow all developer program policies. Listed on Google’s website You also need to be out for “at least a few months” to be trusted. As a result, even if the extension is completely clean and performs exactly what it was supposed to do, Google doesn’t immediately trust it.

If you try to download any of these untrusted extensions, you will get a “Be careful” pop-up warning. You can select “Continue installation”, but you should at least think twice before allowing the extension access to the Chrome browser.

According to Google, about 75% of the extensions currently available on the Chrome Web Store are trusted under these guidelines. Also, just because an extension is unreliable doesn’t mean it’s dangerous, but it may convince users to do a little more research without thinking before downloading the extension. .. Chrome users need to be more aware of the risks.

In addition, Google has added a new scanning feature that alerts users to suspicious downloads. When this feature is rolled out, Chrome users will be given the option to upload downloads that appear to be “dangerous but obviously not dangerous” to Google’s servers for a thorough scan. You can bypass this process, but this is another way Chrome encourages users to actively address security risks. In the worst case, you can protect yourself from nasty malware downloads.

According to Google, Chrome 91 will introduce new security features in stages, so even if your browser is completely updated, neither may appear immediately.

Chrome doesn’t always automatically apply the latest updates when you open your browser. Therefore, if you want to see what version is running, go to the following URL: Setting Click About chrome It is located at the bottom of the menu bar on the left side of the screen. If you’re already running the latest version of Chrome, that’s fine, but if not, you’ll need to start the update process. After downloading, Reboot Press the button to finish the update.

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