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Hackers hacked more than 1,200 machines from the Government of India to the Dalai Lama’s computers

China’s cyber spies and hackers have called for the world’s biggest attack on computers. Government and private computers have been “hacked” in 103 countries and intelligence experts have speculated that the Chinese government itself may be involved in the attack. However, China has denied any such involvement.

This dangerously powerful cyber spy network has targeted government and private computers from 103 countries, including India. Computers have been hacked and hacked, from the Indian embassy in Washington to the computers of the Buddhist spiritual guru Dalai Lama in Tibet. Researchers in Canada have discovered that the hacking network operates from China and is stealing the privacy of other countries.

A recent report by the New York Times stated that Chinese spies have infiltrated the computer networks of several US government offices. In addition, a NATO computer was hacked by hackers for half a day. this

Simultaneously, the computer of the Indian embassy was also hacked. Similarly, researchers at the Mond Center for International Studies at the University of Toronto were tasked with testing the Dalai Lama’s computer, which was manipulated by hackers.

Countries including the United States and Russia have also deployed sophisticated machinery to counter incursions from China. This is the first time a researcher has been able to find a computer that has targeted so many countries simultaneously.

Chinese hackers or rebels from other countries have hacked the computers of Bhabha nuclear power plants, missile centers and software companies from the Defense Department of India. Our local hackers do the same.

Preventing cyber crime in India is not easy as laws related to information technology are weak. The laws have been drafted but not implemented with new amendments. Such legislation is also applied in a very non-technical way. Many states have started cybercrime cells, but by the time the fraudulent person goes to the Internet to register a complaint, the culprit disappears and is investigated.

Cyber ​​criminals are not only from Nigeria or North Korea, but also hackers in India. Nigerian hackers also include e-mail fraudsters. The gang is trying to trap people by saying that they have huge assets and want to transfer money, often caught by the police but no one has stopped this business. People are in the habit of earning crores of rupees.

World’s largest cyber attack in May

There are a lot of ransomware attacks in the world every day but most companies do not believe that they are victims of ransomware. They accept it after hackers leaked their information. Some ransomware attacks that took place this month are given below.

A state of emergency had to be declared due to a cyber attack on the largest fuel pipeline system in the US. On May 7, 2021, the Colonial Pipeline Company was shut down by the ransomware attack and the entire system was shut down. The FBI said the ransomware attack was carried out by the Darkside ransomware gang. Cyber ​​attack on hotbeat crypto exchange

The Chinese cryptocurrency exchange was attacked by hackers on April 29, 2021. He tried to get the exchange’s hot wallet but was unsuccessful and hackers’ database of 2 million users was blown up. Data must be retrieved from these backups as they are stored in 200 servers. The company said it would now have to redevelop the infrastructure due to security reasons.

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