Chinese and Pak hackers target Social Media platform Elyments. Trying to disrupt from the first day of launch | #cybersecurity | #cyberattack

Intelligence inputs indicate that Elyments is being hacked by China and Pakistan-based hackers in retaliation for 59 apps being banned by India

The newly launched Indian Social Media platform Elyments is facing a huge hacking threat from China and Pakistan. According to Intelligence inputs, from the day of launch, Elyments is facing cyber-attacks from hackers in China and Pakistan. Elyments is a social media platform initiated by spiritual leader Sri Sri Ravi Shankar. “Almost immediately after launch, there was a  phenomenal amount of malicious traffic. In fact, within 4 hours of launch, there was a coordinated attack with the intention of forcibly bringing down our systems. This ended up severely hampering the user experience and failed (One Time Programmable Code) OTPs,” said Elyments in a statement.

The cyber experts working with Elyments said that it took two days to bounce back and within a few days all the problems including the issues regarding the OTP will be resolved. “It took us two days to bounce back, but now we have 57K reviews with a rating of 4.5. In the past three days, OTPs have been going through, people are chatting, calling, posting. In fact, more than one million people per day are joining our platform,” they said.

From the very first day, there were one million downloads of the Elyments App and now it has crossed more than four million downloads.

Elyments also made a series of Tweets about the ongoing hacking issue:

Not only Elyments, many Indian websites are also facing daily hacking attempts from China and Pakistan-based rogue operators, said many cyber experts. This is retaliation after India banned more than 59 Chinese Apps, and Chinese cyber operators are trying all methods to discredit Indian Apps and using all their dirty tricks, said many senior Intelligence officials.

Elyments was the idea of Sri Sri Ravi Shankar to have a very own social media platform for India. More than 1000 software professionals are engaged in the development of this platform and the App which was launched by M Venkaiah Naidu, Vice President of India on July 5. From the very first day, there were one million downloads of the Elyments App and now it has crossed more than four million downloads.

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