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Amy Slaton generously shares all aspects of her life with the 1000-lb Sisters fanbase, but sometimes, Amy’s followers mom-shame the reality star for how she takes care of her growing baby boy, Gage. While Amy’s conveyed that she’s a loving and attentive mother, it appears as though the 1000-lb Sisters star can never do anything right by her followers. Here’s everything about how an Instagram post of Gage in his Halloween costume turned into Amy’s fans mom-shaming her.

As all 1000-lb Sisters viewers can attest, Amy’s journey toward motherhood has been a harrowing one. Before she and her husband Michael Halterman could get pregnant, Amy had to lose a significant amount of weight. Having a baby was one of Amy’s principal motivations for qualifying for bariatric surgery on season 1. After sticking to her diet and exercise routine, Amy underwent the operation, and although she was advised to wait before getting pregnant, Amy and Michael moved forward with their family plan right away. Since giving birth to Gage in November 2020, Amy has been reaping the rewards of her hard work and sharing joyous moments with Gage on social media. Regrettably, some of Amy’s followers haven’t been supportive of the 1000-lb Sisters star’s parenting style.

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On October 31, Amy shared a collection of pictures featuring Gage celebrating Halloween. Amy captioned the Instagram post, “Cowboy Gage a roo,” and while most of the entertainer’s followers doted over the soon-to-be 1-year-old’s cowboy getup, others critiqued Amy’s mothering. The picture that prompted controversy in the comments section was a photo of Gage relaxing in a car seat. One of Amy’s followers noted, “his clip on his car seat needs to be higher.” The seatbelt appeared to be fastened correctly, but other 1000-lb Sisters fans agreed Amy could’ve secured Gage more appropriately. Another commenter echoed, “Please please please raise his chest clip on his car seat.” A third fan of Amy’s explained Gage might not have been safe because, “[Gage’s] chest piece in his car seat needs to be on his chest!! Not his stomach.” While these comments may be well-intentioned, they count as mom-shaming, nonetheless.

Although many of Amy’s followers understood that it was ultimately beneficial to Gage’s safety for Amy to make adjustments to his seatbelt, other commenters on Amy’s post expressed their frustration with the slew of criticism. One of Amy’s supporters asserted, “Stop giving her parenting advice she didn’t ask for.” It’s a thin line between being helpful and shaming a mother’s parenting, and fans like this one found the onslaught of comments about Gage’s seatbelt unfair to Amy. Another follower agreed that the mom-shamers were too harsh writing, “Jeezus someone remind me to never to take a picture of my kid in a car seat [and] post it on social media.” Despite the handful of fans defending Amy’s right to parent how she sees fit, others argued that it’s worth coming off as judgmental if it meant making sure Gage is safe.

None of Amy’s followers intentionally labeled the 1000-lb Sisters star a bad mother, but by critiquing the position of Gage’s seatbelt, the entertainers took part in mom-shaming. While there is some disagreement about whether or not it’s appropriate to correct parenting techniques when it comes to a child’s safety, Amy’s supporters claimed the Slaton sister doesn’t need anyone to tell her how to take care of Gage. Fans are set to get a better picture of Amy’s relationship with her baby Gage in 1000-lb Sisters season 3.

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