#childpredator | YouTubers posing as young boy online help police nab Hammonton man | #sextrafficing | #childsaftey

say a 53-year-old man from
Hammonton arrived to a hotel in Egg Harbor Township expecting to meet a
15-year-old boy, but instead
was confronted by YouTube vigilantes who pose as children online to catch

Police fielded a report Sunday
around 8 p.m. of an adult male attempting to meet up with a juvenile. The
report was made by two civilian complainants who operate a YouTube channel. The
duo poses as juveniles on the internet for the purpose of catching child

Police say the duo posed as a
15-year-old boy and made plans to meet up with Raymond Effinger Jr.,
53, at a hotel for the purpose of engaging in sexual activity. Once he arrived at
the hotel, the duo recorded the
before Effinger Jr. drove away. Efforts to have him turn himself in were unsuccessful.
Effinger Jr. was located Wednesday evening and

He was later lodged in the Atlantic
County Justice facility pending court appearances.

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